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About This Project

For three weeks of March, we have hosted in Ubeda a group of twenty-one Polish trainees from Elbląg and Giżycko. They came to Spain to develop their professional abilities as hairdressers, cooks and car mechanics.




The trainees worked individually in local companies. That gave them an opportunity not only see how the work in Spain looks like, but also to meet many natives, get dipper in the Spanish culture and make friends.
The cooks learned about the typical Spanish cuisine, tapas, and local specialties. Then they learned how to prepare the traditional dishes. They also helped in planning and coordinating work in the kitchen.
The hairdressers got to know methods, techniques and tools used in Spanish hair salons. They find out the best way to organize the workplace, how to select appropriate tools, hair care technologies and cosmetics.
The car mechanics could practice their skills by providing appropriate car care, examining vehicles, changing oil and filters, disassembling, replacing and repairing different units assisting in installing and diagnosing air conditioning system.
The group took part in a basic Spanish course to practice a vocabulary useful in their work and practice some basic everyday expressions.




During the evenings and the weekends, the group had an opportunity to participate in various cultural activities and trips.

A participation in the Tapas Night was a wonderful occasion to try some local snacks and spend a nice time together.
On Saturday the group went on a trip to Granada, wonderful Andalusian city. During this trip, the group had a chance to see all of the most important places and monuments of the city. They could experience a unique Arabic atmosphere and enjoy amazing landscapes.
A trip to Baeza, which is one of the most beautiful well-preserved examples of Renaissance architecture in Spain, allowed the trainees see all the beauties of the town, such as Plaza de Los Leones, Plaza Santa María, Palacio de Jabalquinto, Torre de Los Aliatares and many others.




The trainees received very high grades from their tutors, who underlined their great potential. We hope, that the things they have learned in Spain will be useful in their future careers.


Paulina  Woźniak:

‘I am very happy with the internship because I have learned many things. I got to know many
techniques in a nice atmosphere. All my colleagues were open and friendly towards me’.


Julia  Nazarek:

‘I am satisfied with the internship because of my tutors, who were very friendly and wanted to teach
me everything they knew about hairdressing. The atmosphere was nice and calm, so I could learn a

Paulina  Masełkowska

‘I am satisfied with the internship. My tutors were very friendly, cheerful, understanding and
helpful. Even the clients were always smiling and they had a positive attitude towards me. I got to
know different methods of hairdressing and I am very happy that I could work with so wonderful



Project Details

Project Title: Inwestycja w Przyszłość III
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024701
Number of participants: 21
City & country: Elbląg&Giżycko (Poland)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Gastronomy, Hairdressing, Restaurant industry