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About This Project

In July 2018,  14 trainees from Żychlin (Poland) did their two weeks´ internship in Seville building their own e-buggy car.


During their training, they carried out many tasks, such as:

  • Engine controller assembly
  • Electric part assembly
  • Testing the engine controller
  • Driving test
  • Assembling of breaks and direction according to the sketch
  • Assembling of tyres, median strips and break discs
  • Quality control of the steering and brake system, correction if necessary
  • Fabrication of the illumination parts according to sketch
  • Cutting profiles of the e-buggy according to sketch
  • Working on the ends according to sketch in order to adjust them to the other pieces


In addition, they had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Seville during a Seville tour and learn some Spanish during Spanish lessons. At the weekend, they went on a trip to the amazing city of Gibraltar. We hope that they will make the best use of this experience in their future. We wish them all great careers!


2Bartłomiej Ciesielski:

Vocational Training in Spain has been an amazing experience for me. I loved it here. I’ve learned a lot of things while assembling a car, such as welding, cutting tools or painting. We had a very nice and large accommodation place where we had everything. We visited a beautiful city and saw wonderful monuments.

1Adrian Tarka:

Internship in Spain was an amazing experience. I acquired new skills in welding, grinding, painting and many more. I spent my free time visiting and getting to know Spanish culture. These were unforgettable moments for me.



Project Details

Project Title: Mechanicy samochodowi i Informatycy na podbój Hiszpanii
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-038000
Number of participants: 14
City & country: Żychlin (Poland)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electronics