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About This Project

In the end of May 2018,  18 trainees from Żychlin (Poland) did their two weeks´ internship in Seville building their own electric car and programming an online shop.


During their training, they carried out many tasks, such as:

  • Engine controller assembly
  • Electric part assembly
  • Testing the engine controller
  • Driving test
  • Assembling of breaks and direction according to the sketch
  • Assembling of tyres, median strips and break discs
  • Quality control of the steering and brake system, correction if necessary
  • Fabrication of the illumination parts according to sketch
  • Cutting profiles of the e-buggy according to sketch
  • Working on the ends according to sketch in order to adjust them to the other pieces
  • Installing and configuring the local server LAMP
  • Installing and learning about the IDE (Sublime Text)
  • Configuring and using MySQL
  • Downloading, installing and configuring WooCommerce plugin for WordPress CMS
  • Configuring SEO (search engine optimization) and payment gateway to sell the products via Internet
  • Configuring delivery costs in terms of geographical area.
  • Downloading and installing Prestashop


In addition, they had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Seville during a Seville tour. At the weekend, they went on a trip to the amazing city of Gibraltar. We hope that they will make the best use of this experience in their future. We wish them all great careers!



Adrian Kapusta:

I think that my stay is very successful. The internships that took place during these two weeks will be one of the best in my life. We made a fully electric car (buggies) of which I am very happy. I improved my English skills and learned the basics of the Spanish language. We had two trips to Gibraltar where we saw how Europe connects with Africa and Cadiz where we could rest, sunbathe and experience swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

1Damian Wiśniewski:

I think the practices in Sevilla were at a very high level. We were tasked with building an electric car from scratch. It was a very difficult and demanding task, but the skills that we acquired here will surely be useful to us in our later lives. the practice atmosphere was very friendly. sevilla is a beautiful place and I am glad that I came here because I had the opportunity to learn about the local culture, monuments and train Spanish. The accommodation and food was of a high standard.

2Wioleta Radosiewicz:

During the internship, we had the opportunity to create an online store with a great, patient teacher who helped us a lot and gave us a lot of knowledge. The hotel had a pleasant atmosphere, we made many new friends thanks to this practice, and the food served by the cooks was very good. In Seville, we visited many monuments that were very interesting. I am very pleased with these practices and gave me the opportunity to develop my abilities.



Project Details

Project Title: Mechanicy samochodowi i Informatycy na podbój Hiszpanii
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-038000
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Żychlin (Poland)

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electronics, IT, Marketing