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About This Project

At the begining of September, we hosted a group of 15 Polish students from Stalowa Wola, for their two-week training program in Ubeda. Their practice consisted of working on an eco-farm specializing in bioconstruction.


They had a unique opportunity to try how to use a lot of unknown materials, tools and building methods. On the farm they were working, helping and creating. Participants developed their knowledge in the field of bioconstruction and related skills.


It is worth mentioning some of the tasks & responsibilities carried out during the training, such as:

– recognizing and identifying the properties and elements of building materials and their uses in construction

– checking and maintaining the safety measures related to working with slippery materials and heights

– examining plans and projects of constructions

– reading or interpreting building plans

– producing, compacting or removing the bio material from its mold and then drying it

– taking accurate measurements of materials for construction

– building, using bio or recyclable materials.


In addition to the practices on the eco-farm, they had the opportunity to participate in Spanish language lessons, taste the local food during Tapas Night, and visit such beautiful cities as Granada and Malaga.


Dorota Gołąbek:

I like this project because every day we were doing something different and it was never boring. There was a nice atmosphere, and our mentors wanted to learn Polish language. I have learned a bit of the Spanish language, how to use bioconstruction products and how to set the land for development. The tutor was always friendly to everyone. He always helped us. He listened to our opinions every day about the work he was doing. If there was something wrong he immediately changed it. I think it was an adventure. It gave a lot of smile, as well as knowledge. I recommend this practice to anyone who likes new challenges.

Jakub Golik:

I like my practice in Ubeda, because I gained a bioconstruction skill. The contact with my tutor was very good. All the time he was kind and helpful. For me, this Erasmus+ project was great and I recommend it. I have learned a lot about bioconstruction and building with natural products.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyki zawodowe - lepszy start w życiu zawodowym
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036071
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Stalowa Wola (Poland)

Agriculture, All Projects, Construction