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About This Project

During an extensive practice program, lasting six weeks in the summer 2018, a group of students from Portugal have gained very important professional experiences.


Ten interns spent their time working in various sectors: olive industry, IT store & service, nursing homes, fitness club, stores and hotel. They have learnt a lot of new useful things, broadened their knowledge, and thanks to that, they hope to become very professional employees.


The group also participated in very intensive Spanish lessons run by our Spanish Teacher. After active and creative learning, the students passed the exam with very good results and obtained certificates. Using the language was essential in our activities delivered.


In addition, they took part in several prepared events, outside of work places, such as Ubeda Tour and a trip to Nerja. They also organized some sports games, taking advantage of the nice weather. It was a great way to improve their teamwork skills and brought a lot of joy.


We hope they are satisfied with this big training adventure in Ubeda!


Carolina  Silva:

I really liked my place of work. I learned more about olive oil, its history and the culture of Spain. I also like my colleagues who work there because they are very friendly people. We always had a lot of things to do and prepare. It was a unique opportunity and I am grateful that I have been in Ubeda. An additional advantage of this project was the possibility to learn Spanish language.


Leandro  Silva:

During my Erasmus Internship, I was working in a big sport store. My work experience is totally positive because my tutor and my colleagues are very good people. They welcomed me very well in the company. When I did not know what to do, I always asked if they needed my help. When I had any doubts, they helped me immediately or explained to me, how to solve it. I really enjoyed the job and the whole project.



Project Details

Project Title: PRO-SPAIN
Project Number: 2018-1-PT01-KA102-046728
Number of participants: 10
City & country: Pico (Portugal)

Agriculture, All Projects, Hotel Industry, Shop Assistant, Social work, Sport