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About This Project

For one week in May/June 2017, we had the pleasant visit of a group of 8 VET teachers from Katowice, Poland, who came to Seville to compare the local teaching methods with their own.


During their training on solar energy here, the teachers were able to exchange teaching methods, to compare the education systems of the two countries, to co-participate in classes to build smart houses, to visit a solar power plant and to participate in the practical activities of the school related to the assembly of photovoltaic installations, like the assembly of the panel structures, batteries, electric boxes etc.


Apart from that, the teachers went on trips to Cádiz and Gibraltar. The experience has been very positif for all parties and we were very happy with the teachers’ stay.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejski wymiar edukacji w ZSZ nr 3 im.A.Kocura w Katowicach
Project Number: 2015 -1PL 01- KA 102 -014879
Number of participants: 8
City & country: Katowice (Poland)

All Projects, Construction, Electricians, Plumbing, Renewable energies, VET Teachers