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About This Project

During the month of September, the group of 30 Polish trainees had an opportunity to expand their skills in the work environment. This month was for them the time when they could gain some work experience and work in a professional environment. While undertaking their internships, the trainees were carrying out responsibilities such as,

  • Planning and linking educational activities with leisure activities
  • Providing basic care for children: food, hygiene, protection, clothing, etc
  • Assisting and actively participating in each delivered activity
  • Opening cases of merchandise and sorting products
  • Removing and placing products in the shop
  • Organizing products in the store and in the warehouse areas
  • Making bouquets and arrangements based on their knowledge, ideas and design books in order to meet customer requirements
  • Preparing floral decorations and exhibitions
  • Maintain a sufficient amount of fresh flowers, foliage, plants, and various items through inventory procedures

The trainees carried out internships as landscape architects, administrators and, logisticians. They had the opportunity to taste the local food during Tapas Night, to visit the royal bullring and to discover the other beautiful buildings and sights in Seville. They have also visited the beaches of Matalaskañas and, a small Portuguese town of Tavira.


a kolodziej

Aleksandra Kołodziej:

I was doing an internship in the clothes shop. There are clothes of the best designers from all over the world. My work hours started at 10:30 and lasted until 14:00. One of the most important tasks performed by trainees was the inventory and checking if all clothes are hanging in the right places. On the training, I am also responsible for the overall cleanliness of the entire store and for securing clothes and other things by pinning alarms to them. I am very pleased with the course of my practices. I came to a place where I work with very polite and open people, whom I felt very well from the first days of internships.

Dochniak 2

Izabela Dochniak:

I think that my internship at the store was very interesting. I could learn a new language and meet new people. The recommended tasks were easy and pleasant. The atmosphere at work was amazing and the team was helpful and friendly.



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczna praktyka zawodowa drogą do profesjonalizmu
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037229
Number of participants: 30
City & country: Dzierżoniów (Poland)

All Projects, Business Administration, Gardening, Logistics