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About This Project

Between May and July 2018, we were very pleased to welcome 2 French trainees. They were welcomed in local companies, working in the renewable energy sector for their internship. During their stay, the students were given the opportunity to apply their priorly-gained knowledge and skills from this field in the practical situations. They gained a lot of useful new insights which will help them in their future job search. Their main tasks included the following:

  • Analyzing plans, diagrams and technical specifications implementing the appropriate legal provisions
  • Designing and developing electrical generation systems
  • Evaluating and monitoring environmental and energy resources
  • Studying and reporting data collected for each project
  • Valuing accurately the general state of the facilities for each project
  • Monitoring and following stations (Meteorological Service)


The trainees also have visited the most interesting spots in Seville during Seville Tour organized by euroMind. They could also enjoy their free time here.



Morgan Robert

I like everything from my stay in Seville. I was working as a technician in Renewable Energies. Among my tasks I was searching new projects of energy, searching the energy potential of Reunion Island or designing a photovoltaic plant. On the other side, I would like to get more responsibilities but in general, the work conditions were great and I was working with very nice people.



Project Details

Project Title: 5E – Carta Ersamus Prácticas BTS ABM
Project Number: F9E4DA9A714112A4
Number of participants: 2
City & country: Réunion (France)

All Projects, Renewable energies