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About This Project

In August 2018 we hosted in Ubeda a group of Polish trainees from Szczecin. They came to the province of Jaen in order to do an internship in three different sectors:

– administrative

– marketing & publicity

– graphic design.


Students spent here three weeks working in local companies or institutions. This practice was a great way to improve professional skills and competences. Many tasks were performed by them, for example:

– providing administrative support

– preparing posters and promotional materials

– creating own graphic projects and logos

– performing general office duties using professional equipment

– taking photos for magazines

– creating and modifying documents using Microsoft Office.


During the weekends, the group had an opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful and charming places in Andalucia. They enjoyed visits to Granada, Malaga, Nerja and Baeza.


We hope that our trainees had an amazing time and above all, that they learned many things that will be useful for their future.


Marcel Sokołowski:

This experience was the best in my life. Great people to work with made that time really amazing. I was very motivated to improve my professional skills and at the end my supervisor gave me the best note! I have also learned so much about Spanish culture and language. I am satisfied and I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventures.

Magdalena Sawicka:

It was just fantastic. I am very happy about this project. I really like my practice. We were working in various places and visiting interesting spots related to our profession. I like my tutor, he is the best! I tried to be punctual and learn as much as possible. I have not got problems with tasks or communication. I think that the language barrier does not exist here.

Konrad  Kotecki:

I am really happy with the program. My tutor was very friendly and helpful. I always was interested in the tasks and eager to learn. I hope to become a great employee in my profession. The sun was shining all days. There was very hot, but I do not mind. I would definitely recommend this experience!



Project Details

Project Title: Twój zawód twoją szansą
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037681
Number of participants: 17
City & country: Szczecin (Poland)

All Projects, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Marketing, Media