Students from Slovenia put themselves to the test in the fields of administration and shop assistance. | Euromind
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About This Project

In September 2019 they started this incredible experience, working in important companies which have to do with administration and shop assistance. These students could improve a lot of skills such as dealing with customer service, supporting the sales process, handling invoices, receipts and payments, providing appropriate organization of invoices, maintaining and updating records management database systems. Moreover, this was a great opportunity to learn a new language. They could visit some of beautiful cities of Andalucía like Seville and taste Spanish culture. It’s possible to understand how it was an increasing experience from their opinions, always positive.
They could grow up a lot during this period, from the working point of view to the personal point of view.


Nicole Tomsic

I really like the place where I had my practice, people were very kind and always helped me when I needed it. I was responsible for looking for the interesting materials for a different language courses, preparing materials and book. I would change nothing!


Melissa Hamulic

In the store where I work I am taking photos of the clothes and help to create an Instagram page. Sometimes I also help in ironing clothes and match new outfits for the display. I also had a chance to decorate the shop by myself. I like to work there because I have a nice schedule and everyone is very friendly to me.

Ana Keplac

In my work placement I felt always welcomed and relaxed. I had a lot of different tasks and I could learn many new things. I was responsible for looking for spanish or english language schools and prepare promotional offer.

Eva Buzan

During my practices I learn how to edit a contract in a database and how to fill all the informations from a paper into computer system. I am happy because I have different tasks to do, for example, I am making different  routes – by car or just walking with tourists. I organize the documentation and do some marketing – looking for new hotels that are interested in working with us. I like that everynone is so nice and ready to help me at anytime. They teach me everyday something new about Spanish culture.



Project Details

Project Title: Today I am learning for myself, Tomorrow for the world
Project Number: KA1-VET-05/18
Number of participants: 13
Country: Slovenia, Koper

All Projects, Logistics, Shop Assistant
administration, shop assistant