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About This Project

In September 2018, a group of students came to Málaga to learn more about aircrafts mechanicsIT and photography and got an opportunity to gain new skills. This time we had a bunch of young, determined photographers, who came with a lot of expectations about what does Spain have to offer. The group had thus many new challenges ahead, and they needed to undertake multiple tasks like:

– Observing the photo session and video recording
– Assisting a photographer in his/her work
– Editing pictures with photo editing tools
– Determining methods of an image capturing with respect to aesthetic canons
– Receiving clients in the studio
– Drawing, creating and editing collages for clients
– Assisting in photo retouch
– Assisting with purchasing and selling of photographic supplies

In the IT field, guys had to face the follows tasks:

– Programming with JavaScript
– Managing social networks
– Programming with WordPress.
– Using layout programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, C++, HTML and CSS
– Designing and developing web pages depending on their function
– Exploring the latest information of programming sector
– Making projects using Photoshop, Corel, Adobe Illustrator

Apart from the traineeship, they also got to relish a lot of extracurricular activities.  They travelled to Cordoba, Granada to enjoy warm days, beach waves, local cuisine, lovely nooks and overall atmosphere of those beautiful cities.  In addition, they completed a Spanish course and successfully obtained their certificates. We really hope they enjoyed each activity and keep those nice memories they made!


Agnieszka  Grygielska

In my company I am involved in, among other things, the assistance in packaging the equipment, which is then sent or received by customers who need it for a period of time. In addition, I process the photos and travel with the photographer working there for various events in order to take pictures. I also learned a variety of things, such as calibrating gimbal or dismantling the flash

Zuzanna Nyczke

I am a photo technician, I work in a photo studio where I take photos for documents, and children’s sessions. I have the opportunity to use a well-equipped studio, and to see how to work with small children. I do graphic designs, take photos for documents, print and cut them, decorate photographic products for clients and learn new ways of graphic processing of photos for me. I like the fact that I am constantly learning something new and I am getting better and better professional experience.

Mateusz Mazgaj

I’m an IT specialist. On the practices I learned a lot of new things, including diagnostics of electronic devices, exchange of displays in telephones, preparation of a computer for customer needs and work on systems from Apple and much more. I recommend this place to everyone who is able to devote some time to find a problem and solve it and all who want to improve their skills.



Project Details

Project Title: Wzrost kompetencji zawodowych uczniów i kadry ZSŁ efektem praktyk i szkoleń w środowisku międzynarodowym
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036726
Number of participants: 14
Country: Poland, Poznań

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IT, Photography