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About This Project

In July, a group of students from Bulgaria took part in the internship program. They are learners of various vocational classes at school, so each of them chose a suitable host company, according to the specialization. They worked in various places, mainly in the gastronomy and hospitality industry, such as typical Spanish tapas bars, traditional restaurants, nice cafeterias and charming hotels.


Students had various positions in their workplaces, for example as a cook, waiter, hotel employee… They have learned many new things in the areas of their future professions.


In addition, they had the opportunity to participate in a Spanish language course and many interesting activities, such as barbecue in the rhythm of flamenco, tapas night and more. Students could enjoy trips to famous and important places in Andalucía. It is worth mentioning that they visited Seville, Cordoba and Granada.


Stivan Zdravkov:

I am really happy with my practice and the workplace. The tutor gave me the best possible note, which means I was working excellent, so, I am very proud. Here I have met the happiest people in my life. Also, the town Ubeda is very beautiful. I enjoyed my stay and I would like to come back to this amazing place.

Aleksandra Mitsilkova:

It was something new and very interesting to me. I will never forget this practice in Spain. I was very happy with my work. My employers were very kind and my tutor was a really good man. Initially, I felt confused about how to deal with my tasks, but with the time I got used to everything. It was very satisfying that I was doing well. At work, me and my colleagues were smiling constantly.

Anna-Maria Dimitrova:

I like my work very much. My tutor was a very helpful and positive person. I love the atmosphere of the hotel where I worked. It is a charming place. In this hotel I learned a lot. I saw and met many interesting topics or things related to my profession.



Project Details

Project Title: BEtter qualifiCation And opportUnitieS in Europe (BECAUSE)
Project Number: 2017-1-BG01-K102-036070
Number of participants: 20
City & country: Pernik (Bulgaria)

All Projects, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Restaurant industry, Tourism