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About This Project

There’s an English saying that goes: “practice makes perfect”. With this motivation, an interest in the sector and prior knowledge and skills, a group of 17 eager students from Poland stayed in Seville for a two-week internship on mobile app programming. During their practice, they carried out tasks like:


– The process of creating and running software projects for Android: installation and configuration of ECLIPSE environment;
– Implementation of the system of switching between the two screens designed applications: data transfer
– Testing the application template on the emulator and on the  device. Processes: run, debug, transfer (import) applications;
– Designing  components of user interface in mobile application – using templates;
– Designing navigation system in mobile apps: menu options, contextual menu items SlideMenu and NavigationDrawer, tabs;
– Usage of the built-in hardware components of mobile devices application such as: camera, camcorder, media player, GPS receiver, compass, stopwatch;


Apart from their internship. we made sure their trip to Spain was really worth the travel: the trainees were taught basic Spanish, enjoyed a study visit, tasted the local food during Tapas Night and discovered Malaga!


daw mac dom rok

Dawid Machura:

‘The android practice was great, we learnt and practiced a lot, so we got a lot of knowledge and increased our abilities. Our teacher, Miguel, helped us every time we needed. Spanish lessons were brilliant, we weren’t learning in the classroom only, but we practiced in the city too. For me this was the best time in my life.’

bar ole

Bartłomiej Olender:

‘Practices about Android Programming were really interesting and useful. In our free time we could visit a lot of monuments and tourist attractions in Sevilla and Malaga. The accommodation was great, same as the staff and our teacher Miguel – very clever, pleasant and helpful person.’



Project Details

Project Title: Mobilny uczeń - otwarty na przyszłość
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024394
Number of participants: 17
City & country: Poręba (Poland)

All Projects, Graphic Design, IT