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About This Project

Our Ubeda team was very pleased to welcome this group of 18 Polish trainees. They stayed for a two-week practical training in the cooking and mechanic field, working as pastry chefs, cooks and mechanics.  Next to that, their free time was filled with both fun as interesting activities: they visited the city, went on a trip to Malaga, one of the most famous Andalusian cities and were given Spanish classes to create a full immersion for the trainees.


During their traineeships, the trainees carried out tasks such as:



– Facilitating oil changes and changing filters for customers

– Assisting with installing and diagnosing air conditioning system

– Assisting with replacing and repairing removable components of the vehicle


Pastry chefs:

– Mixing raw materials and ancillary products in appropriate quantities and preparing different types of dough and creams

– Making and decorating different types of tarts and pastries according to basic techniques of bakery

– Controlling the temperature and humidity of chambers and ovens, as much as the time of fermentation and baking



– Organising the kitchen with the ingredients needed and tools which are going to be used

– Assisting in preparing the meals and tapas at scheduled time

– Assisting in coordinating food service activities to have meals prepared at scheduled time


We are sure the traineeship has a positive impact on the trainees’ skills, knowledge and competences and hope they fully enjoyed the cultural exchange in Spain.


Monika Czech

Monika Czech:

‘I think the practice was good and I learned a lot of new things, for example how to prepare typical dishes from the region.’


Damian Sałuch

Damian Sałuch:

‘The atmosphere at work was very good. I learned a lot of new things, especially the new ways of reparation.’



Project Details

Project Title: Od stażu do angażu
Project Number:2015-1-PL01-KA102-015011
Number of participants: 18
City & country: Biała Podlaska (Poland)

All Projects, Baker, Car mechanics, Food Production, Gastronomy, Restaurant industry