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About This Project

In July 2017, 15 Hungarian students from Budapest spent their time in Seville for an internship as Flamenco dress designers. During their apprendiceship they carried out several tasks, such as:


  • Fixing the designed decorative elements of dress.
  • Cutting of the flamenco dress pattern.
  •  Mounting a flamenco dress.
  • Preparing sketch figures used in design.
  • Working with the model of corps and developing the appropriate tailor pattern.
  • Preparation of a small flamenco dresses collection, starting from the preparation of outline silhouettes to go to the preparation of three projects outfits that will be illustrated.
  • Learning to draw different types of flounces


During their stay they could also enjoy some free time and visit the beautiful city of Seville, either in a city tour and on their own. We wish the trainees all the best for their future and we were very pleased with their stay.


esterEszter Ország

‘I am very glad to have spent two weeks in Seville. It has given me the opportunity to learn about Spanish culture. Seville is a beautiful city. The best thing was making the flamenco dresses. I was excited about finishing our dress. I enjoyed making it. The teachers were very friendly and helpful. Seville is a good place to go out at night. There are lots of bars and many people hang out in the streets having fun. The atmosphere in Seville is vibrant.’

19748723_1588597437869233_4315246923226674291_nOrsolya Flóra Oláh:

‘My opinion about my 2 weeks experience is as follows: the people are polite and friendly. The city is beautiful and the views are really awesome. The weather is boiling hot, hotter than in my country, but I like it. The workshops are interesting and I have developed skills such as sewing, drawing, creative thinking. I love other cultures and traveling so I am happy about this opportunity.’



Project Details

Project Title: Flamenco: Andalúz esszencia
Project Number: 2017-1-HU01-KA102-035689
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Budapest (Hungary)

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