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About This Project

These 20 Polish students from Kielce spent their time in Seville for a two-weeks internship as Mobile App Programmers. During their apprendiceship they learned more about Informatics and developed several skills, such as:


  •  Installing and configuring the development environment for the development of mobile apps with Android.
  • Implementing applications with several screens which allow to launch external actions that are resolved by other applications like the action of share, send, call by phone, etc.
  • Designing Android navigation patterns by menus.
  • Playing and recording audio and video with the mobile device.
  • Interconnecting the app with Internet databases.
  • Designing formulas in Android, distinguishing between the different components: spinner, checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, etc.
  • Implementing maps and geolocation services in Android with Google Maps.


Moreover, the trainees had the opportunity to do a study visit in a company that deals with designing and creating mobile applications for Android and iPhone. During their stay they could also visit the beautiful city of Seville and go on a trip to the fascinating city of Tavira (Portugal).


Norbert_Bańkowski(lewo)_Patryk_Witkowski(prawo)Norbert  Bańkowski

‘In my opinion our vocational training was overall good. Considering things I would learnt during programming that time was well spent. Earlier I had some programming experience but everything was a raw theory. In Spain I have broaden my knowledge about practical sides of making applications. Right now I can use skills I developed myself and these I would learnt here to make working and useful mobile applications. Before training I had developed some useful but bad looking console applications, but right now I may develop them to android platform which is much better looking! Our teacher is doing a great job, so everyone understands what is happening even if tempo is insanely fast. Our cultural program had really useful points, I saw some interesting places, but things that interested me the most was that Sevilla is a modern city where suburbs look much different than Polish cities. Terraces instead of roofs were a new sight for me to see. I would really enjoy looking at old city walls, but the best for me was Tavira and Aquapolis, I really love water and I was happy to see places like that here.’

20170705_134956Mateusz Podgórski:

‘In my opinion this project was very good. In two weeks I improved my language skills so much. I learnt a lot about Sevilla and it is culture. I really liked the lessons that we had. I was programming applications for Android in JAVA. I am glad that I gained some experience here. The lessons were organized by our teacher Miguel. He was very helpful and kind to us. I have to say that in our residence we had everything we needed. I would like to visit this city once again.’



Project Details

Project Title: “Dodatkowe kwalifikacje zawodowe zdobyte w placówkach zagranicznych dla uczniów Zespołu Szkół Elektrycznych w Kielcach”
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-014874
Number of participants: 20
City & country: Kielce (Poland)

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