Group of geodetic surveyors from Gdańsk doing their project in the North Park of Ubeda | Euromind
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About This Project

A group from Gdańsk had the unique opportunity to learn about the profession of a surveyor in Spain. The students were very attentive, they learned a lot of new skills that will be useful in their future professional life. They could get new skills here, including:
– planning the work on the topographic project to fit within the set time limit,
– organizing the work according to the available equipment and weather conditions,
– analyzing correctly the area and selects the topographic bases accordingly,
– understanding the need for supporting materials (sketches) that facilitate further work on the project,
– being aware of the significance of precisely measured coordinates for the final result and makes measurements avoiding basic errors,
– selecting the working method depending on the intended effect,
– cooperation with all members of the working group caring out each task.


Apart from this, every trainee is able to create an accurate cartographic drawing; to properly use topographic equipment (total station, mirror etc.); to take measurements and make the calculations of the coordinates; to process the obtained field data in EXCEL spreadsheet for the needs of AutoCAD; is able to work using EXCEL and AutoCAD; to create topographic plans and maps; is able to check the accuracy of the coordinates.


All those skills and competencies our geodetic surveyors could practice in the cooperation of the local, Spanish surveyors.


Apart from the working part, they had also a diverse cultural program, e.g. trips to Cordoba, Baeza, and Sierra Nevada Park, and Churros Cooking & Tasting Workshop, where they had a lot of fun. Spanish course was their everyday activity. Thanks to the Spanish classes they could extend their Spanish vocabulary and language skills.


Natalia Grunwald

I like the stay in Spain very much, we had many interesting activities. Our residence was very nice and clean; everyone was nice to us too. Our tutor tried very hard and helped us a lot. The experience I gained on my internships will be useful in the future. Mrs. Monica was trying to teach us Spanish in different ways and the task in the store was the best! The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was polite. We learned a lot and this is one of the most beautiful adventures in my life.


Łukasz Łęcki

For me, the trip was a very interesting experience, gave me the opportunity to develop my skills.  By the way, I could also get to know some culture of another country and visit the cities of this country. The trip themselves were great in terms of organization and place.


Sandra Tokarska

Erasmus is a great project. I got to know better not only Spanish but also culture and traditions. Our coordinators were charismatic, have a sense of humor and were creative In conducting classes with us! Visiting other places with Lena and Monica has always been interesting and gave us a lot of new knowledge. Our trips were varied, but I’m sure every other one would be just as valuable. I like that the residence was like a home for us. We spent time together and we almost personally care for others and agreement in the group.  Juani and Pepi despite language barriers were always smiling and helpful. Our tutor Martin has had very good contact with us, he tried to understand English, translate and be with us all the time. Departure I will remember it well and will remember it for the rest of my life. For me, it was a beautiful journey and above all, integration.



Project Details

Project Title: Dom energooszczędny naszą przyszłością
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-047844
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Gdańsk

All Projects, Geodetic Surveying
Geodetic Surveying, Topography