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About This Project

In January 2019, we had a pleasure to greet students from Poland who were interested in many different sectors. Some of them chose to work as carpenter’s assistant in different workshops specializing in making wooden furniture. Here students had to cut materials with hands and electric tools, assemble, cut or shape elements, renovate or fix carpentry, manufacture wooden products and etc. Another group of students were keen on working in restaurants specializing in different cuisines like Italian or Spanish, where they could learn more about the typical cuisine and local specialties or even work in churreria which is a bar specialising in Churros and fried pastries. In these places students performed as chief’s assistants and were:


– Performing skilled cooking and food preparation

– Observing and testing food to determine if it has been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting

– Weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment

– Washing, peeling, cutting and peeling fruit and vegetables as well as cutting meat, checking the quality of food by tasting it or using appropriate kitchen utensils

– Setting tables, provide cutlery, crockery and glasses, provide customers with the menu, provide information about its content and other advice, recommend combinations, serving food and drinks

– Seasoning and cooking meals according to recipes, personal judgment or experience, using different methods (e.g. baking, braising, frying, broiling, roasting and steaming)


Moreover, some students were eager to develop their administrational and customer service skills, thus they chose to work in hotels or hostels. All of them were located in the city centre with fantastic views of the Cathedral and Giralda Tower from the terrace. Here students carried out tasks, such as:


– Assisting in welcoming the guest to the hostel and arranging reservations, assisting in check-ins and check- outs

– Attention to special requests in a professional way, helping guests with luggage storage, storing valuable objects

– Ordering taxis, providing tourist information about the city and the region

– Contacting hotel booking websites in case of any queries recurring customer`s problems

– Updating information on hotel booking websites, translating and interpreting if required

– Performing administrative activities.


Add to that, students of logistics showed interest in working in chains of clothes stores for both men and women, offering a wide range of high-quality products, following brands such as: Dsquared, Bikkembergs, Moschino, Just Cavalli, AJ Armani Jeans, Red Valentino, Philip Plein, Twin-Set Simona Barbieri, Franklin Marshall, Religion, Balmain, Liu Jo and Met. Thus, students here were:


– Carrying out inventories, processing orders

– Dispatching goods, organizing vehicles

– Organizing spare parts and restocking shelves, keeping in contact with customers

– Moving pallets and boxes to the store with the use of manual pallet truck, opening cases of merchandise and

sorting products, placing all products in the warehouse (use staircase to access to shelves)

– Organizing products in the store and in the warehouse areas, marking and updating the prices of products


To make sure they would experience the real Spanish culture, they also had fun activities along their training. In order to provide basic knowledge in Spanish language, they successfully finished a Spanish course and obtained their certificates. They travelled other countries like Portugal or Gibraltar (the United Kingdom), to explore the beautiful sites of Faro and Gibraltar, views and atmosphere. Moreover, they found out loads of interesting facts about Seville when doing a city tour with the EuroMind guide. We really hope the group enjoyed their stay in here and we have no doubt we will see their students again!


Natalia Oporska

In the restaurant I worked, we had a nice atmosphere, we laughed, we sang songs, we ate dinner together, I could get along with everyone and communicate in Italian. Every day I was happy going to work because I was always doing different activities.

Weronika Gajek

The people who worked here with me were very nice, helpful and understanding how sometimes people do mistakes and they were suggesting and helping saying how it should be. During temporary breaks, they taught me useful words that would be useful to me during serving customers. I also learned how to prepare snacks, coffee and fish.



Project Details

Project Title: Buenos dias- odkrywamy nowe horyzonty
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036946
Number of participants: 19
Country: Poland, Braniewo

All Projects, Baker, Business Administration, Carpentry, CNC, Food Production, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Logistics, Marketing, Restaurant industry, Shop Assistant, stocking
administration, carpentry, gastronomy, hotels, Logistics, restaurants