The Erasmus+ experience of 28 croatian VET students in Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

At the end of January 2019, a group of 28 Croatian students arrive in Seville to perform their professional practices as shop assistants, cooks, waiters, car mechanics and CNC operators.

      Eleven of this students were welcomed in supermarkets and different sales companies, where they had the opportunity to improve their skills related to customers service and selling process, to the store organisation, the arrangement of shop windows and display or to shelves stocking, among others.

     Seven future COOKS had access to local restaurants or coffee shops kitchens in Seville where were able to prepare ingredients for consumption or cooking, to check the quality of food, to measure and mix ingredients according to recipes and personal judgment, adjust the temperature of kitchen equipment depending on the dishes being prepared or to season and cook meals according to recipes, personal judgment or experience, using different methods (ex. baking, braising, frying, broiling, roasting and steaming).

     Regarding the WAITERS, they acquired new  skills and competencias in four-star hotels restaurants. They had the chance to deal with the customers, to arrange the tables, to propose and serve food, to take customers’ orders and pass them to kitchen staff or bar attendants, to control the availability of the products or to provide the necessary crockery.

     The CAR MECHANICS-to-be were hosted by local workshops giving them the opportunity to improved their knowledge about the car operation and to observe and perform maintenance and repairs related to car servicing. As for the CNC students, they could observe how a  company using CNC system works, but also to acquired new knowledge about programming, designing and manufacturing of new products.

     This mobility came to an end with very positive feedback from both parties, participants and tutors, but also with a higher level of spanish linguistic and cultural knowledge for the students thanks to the activities in which they were immersed during their stay in Seville. Without any doubt, this project was a real succes!



Margareta Tomšić (Shop assistent)

“To start about Erasmus+ I have to say: I LOVE IT! One of the reasons is it gave us the opportunity to actually learn something, go somewhere and have an actual experience about the things that we usually just read in books.
The whole experience was very exciting and pleasant! We were accommodated in a hostal where we could meet students from other countries and talk with them about our experiences.
The internship was great! Everyone was always completely polite and friendly. There was no pressure and we could do what we are capable of.
For the Spanish classes I have to say I am pretty satisfied with both, the teacher Abby and the classes. Abby always managed to make them interesting and actually teach us things in a fun way.
All trips were beautiful and meaningful. We went to wonderful places and enjoyed the nature, architecture, culture and food. We truly experienced an other culture.
I can’t think about something bad regarding this Erasmus + project because it really was a great opportunity for us.”



Franco Filipović (Waiter)

“This project was very good! The accommadation was beautiful. All the trips were fun and I made nice memories.
Sevilla is a nice city, full of kind people and an impressive culture. The hotel where I did my internship looked great and every member was so kind.
I learned a lot of new things in Sevlle and I hope that I will come back in the future!”



Project Details

Project Title: EuroJobs2
Project Number: 2018-1-HR-01-KA102-047216
Number of participants: 28
Country: CROATIA, Orahovica

Car mechanics, CNC, Gastronomy, Shop Assistant
Car mechanic, CNC operator, cook, Shop Assistent, waiter