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About This Project

At the beginning of July, 19 students from Stalowa Wola, Poland came to Úbeda for their two-weeks internships in the geodesy sector, icluding the the use of drones in this field. They carried out their tasks in a nearby town on the occasion of the creation of a facility there called ‘ferial’, which is a fairground.


The group was divided into two teams. One dealt with ferial measurements and the other received technical training in drone operation. After a few days, the roles were reversed. The students could also always count on the advice and guidance of their tutors.


The students lived in the euromind residence in Úbeda, where they enjoyed the cooling effect of the pool after each day’s work in the field and spent time together integrating.


On a trip to Granada, the students had the opportunity to see the magnificent Alhambra fortress with their own eyes and to travel back in time by walking around the old town. The city of Pablo Picasso’s birth, Málaga, on the other hand, captivated them with its coastal and holiday atmosphere, but also with its beautiful views, including from the lookout point at Gibralfaro. The Spanish adventures were topped off with a tapas night, where they could enjoy local delicacies.


We hope that this experience has convinced the hitherto unconvinced about what an interesting profession the work of a surveyor is and that it was a wonderful two weeks spent in sunny Andalusia.


Filip Dąbek

I wanted to come here because I wanted to learn new things and have a good time. I really liked the residence, the swimming pool and the surroundings, and the classes with nice tutors. They work with geodetic surveying, and perform activities related to it. At work, I was responsible for theodolite measurement of a large number of points and applying them in the AutoCAD application. My tutors were very nice and understanding, they helped me and showed me exactly what to do, it was very easy to get along with them.

Wiktoria Kołodziej

During the internship, we divided into groups in which we measured the designated area. In our group, I was involved in drawing a sketch. After a week of measuring, it was time for a drone course. The best time for this part of the internship was flying various drones, not only on the simulator but also in the olive field. During the internships, our tutors turned out to be understanding, kind, willing to explain to us, and also committed to conducting the internships. It was great, I gained more knowledge and had a wonderful time!

Sandra Piekarz

I love Spain, especially the atmosphere and food.  My practice was based on the as-built inventory. My main task was to make a sketch. Thanks to this program, I was able to fly on a plane for the first time, and also learned to fly a drone and make sure that I want to work in this profession.



Project Details

Project Title: Nasza szansa to praktyki
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-063354
Number of participants: 19
Country: Stalowa Wola, Poland

All Projects, Geodetic Surveying
geodesy, geodetic, Geodetic Surveying