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About This Project

In January 2019, EuroMind had a pleasure to welcome students of IT, electronics, video and sounds recording technologies from Poland who were eager to develop their abilities in different companies in Spain. IT technicians and programmers were allocated to different computer and informatics stores dedicated to all types of technological and computer solutions. Moreover, they offer services, such as website development, maintenance, programming and technical support, configuration of tablets and mobile phones, but above all it specializes in the repair of all kinds of computers, mobile phones, consoles, laptops and tablets. Here students carried out tasks, such as:

– Installing, assembling and upgrading hardware

– Checking the electrical connections of the various hardware components

– Repairing or replacing broken parts (troubleshooting)

– Examining and diagnosing hardware

– Dismantling, reassembly and replacing of simple electrical, electronic and mechanical components

– Determining the cause of the fault and the required spare parts for intervention


The students of graphic and web design chose to work in companies dedicated to design, graphic art, layout of publications, photography themes such as photo composition and development or in a company specialized in web design and Google Web positioning. implementing personalized digital projects by using softwares: WordPress, Prestashop or Magento. The main goal of the company is to design online stores and to multiply the sales of their clients.

– Conceiving, designing, modifying and creating images using programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel, JavaScript or WordPress.

– Conceiving, producing and managing visual communication projects

– Getting to know the latest technologies used in the graphic design sector

– Using layout programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, C++, HTML and CSS

– Designing and developing web pages depending on their function

– Exploring the latest information of programming sector.


Furthermore, the programme participants who were interested in video and sounds recording, could do their internship in electronic stores dedicated to repairing sound and video equipment, PC and smallappliances, which also offer JVC official service and repair other brands, such asToshiba, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Philips, Canon and much more. Here students were:

– Learning to operate testing equipment to diagnose malfunctions

– Learning to test, diagnose and repair electronic circuit boards

– Performing preventive maintenance, cleaning and lubricating an electronic equipment

– Assisting in the installation of different systems

– Evaluating the quality of electrical and electronic items

– Using diagnostic computers and oscilloscopes in the workplace.


Lastly, some of those interested in video and sounds recording could also work in radio station in Seville, which is broadcasting and raising awareness of foreigners in Spain. Besides this, they are willing to receive and tutor trainees from all over the world, as they already welcomed students from the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, France and others. Thus, surely here students will have great opportunities to develop as they will be assigned to:

-Handle equipment that produces special effects

– Place and adjust the microphones, headphones and other elements of the sound equipment

– Improve and enhance the quality of certain specific sounds

– Help with the editing of the audio as well as with the cleaning and replacing of sounds

– Operate the sound mixer

– Participate in trial radio programs.


Besides their working experience, students also had a study visit to a company dedicated to the manufacturing and maintenance of drones for professional use. Additionally, students had many cultural activities and opportunities to get a deeper insight in the Spanish culture with the help of EuroMind team. Students during their internship took part in activities such as, kayak tour along the city centre of Seville on the Guadalquivir River, Paella Night, during which trainees could prepare their own unique paella with the help of professional cook, Seville city tour and tapas night during which students could taste local tapas that are small portions of various types of typical Spanish food served with a drink in a local restaurant also students had a one-day trip to Gibraltar, where they explored the city, climbed up the hill and saw many local monkeys! All in all, students had a very dynamic and full of fun month in sunny Seville and we hope to see them again!


Adrian Bujanowicz

I really enjoyed my 1 month visit in Spain, it helped me grow up into adulthood a bit, also I started seeing life in a wider perspective. In our spare time after work we had great chance to learn about Spanish culture. We ́ve gotten a lot of experiences from our work which for sure will help us in the future.

Oskar Jabłoński

I enjoyed my internship and stay in Spain very much. working in a computer service has developed me and gave me the opportunity to try my hand at this job. stay in Spain showed me a new culture, cuisine, history and society, and besides it was a month of fun with very nice people



Project Details

Project Title: Mobilność europejska pierwszym krokiem w rozwoju zawodowym młodych techników
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049422
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Warsaw

All Projects, Electronics, Graphic Design, IT, Marketing, Media
Graphic design, IT, programmer, Radio, technicians, Video and sounds recording, web desing