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About This Project

In October 2018, Students from Poland came to Spain to attend a group training and learn more about Solar energy in one of the schools in Seville. The school provides all educational levels, excluding university education, starting from primary school to vocational training at basic (professional middle-grade training) and regular level (professional high-grade training). The main VET fields are Microsystem Technologies (basic level) and Network Systems Management (regular level). The infrastructure and professional staff, mostly engineers, graduated from Spanish technological universities, enables SAFA to provide additional training in the field of renewable energy sources (solar energy). The institution possesses a wide experience in the projects like Multilateral Comenius Project: “Tourism and Environmental Protection”,the Comenius Programme” Exchange of knowledge and experience in giving IT courses’’. In the school, our students had different tasks and many opportunities to learn valuable skills, such as:

-Recognizing the qualities of the solar energy and the risks of working with solar energy

-Recognizing the types of photovoltaic cells: polycrystalline, monocrystalline and amorphous

– Measuring voltage and current and using a multi meter according to the inclination grade

-Gathering the panels in series and in parallel, and checking its parameters

-Recognizing and identifying different types of controllers, its programming and functioning

-Checking, identifying and maintaining the batteries and the inverters

-Assembling, calculating and designing a solar installation on a computer

-Assembling an electrical panel, AC power circuits and solar circuits of the house

-Assembling plumbing installation with the solar pump and a solar lamp with twilight switch

-Visiting solar facility of 64 kWp connected to the network and thermosolar facility: Solucar

Moreover, students had a study visit to the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating electricity from renewable resources, converting biomass into biofuels and producing drinking water from seawater. During this visit students could understand new technologies types, whose operation depends on solar energy, as well as broaden the student’s knowledge about thermo-solar technologies and its use in human development. Besides that, students also had different cultural activities like language course or Seville city tour and free time to enjoy Spain.


Klaudia Holisz

I consider the stay in Spain to be very successful. Starting from a beautiful residence, a wonderful cook and newly discovered places, and most importantly – the training placement. The teacher who led it was very kind, patient and forgiving, he also contributed to the fact that I would be happy to remember this trip. We learnt how to connect photovoltaic panels with an electrical installation in the house, and solar collectors with a utility water boiler and other useful activities such as cell parameter measurements. I consider the trip as a very interesting and unique experience.

Błażej Matuszny

The internship in Seville were conducted in a very interesting way. I am very happy with it because it was possible to learn a lot about solar energy in a very pleasant and simple way. Surely, Mr. Manuel -the teacher on our practices contributed a great deal to this result. He is a person who has a lot of patience, knowledge and skills that made these lessons very interesting. During the training I learned a lot of information about solar cells, their use and assembly. I was also able to see electrical installations for the first time in training and to train myself a little in this area. During the two-week internship, we visited cities such as Seville, Cadiz, Córdoba and the Alcazar. I liked it very much and I recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to take advantage of such a project because it is a very good way to get away from the everyday school routine and a very good way to acquire knowledge.



Project Details

Project Title: Zespol Szkol Technicznych w Cieszynie
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036443
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Cieszynie

All Projects, Electronics, Engineering, Mechatronic engineering, Renewable energies
group training, renewable energy, solar energy