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About This Project

Why only play games when you can also invent and develop them yourself? These 16 Polish trainees left their home country to do exactly that in Seville. During their two-week internship in January 2017, the students were taught everything related to computer games and learnt how to design them. Their tasks included, amongst others:


  • Montage of scenes: creating and modifying scenes, use of a camera and Prefab light system
  • Scripting in Unity
  • Land creating in order to use it as a base for the game
  • Creating characters controlled by the player and characters not controlled by the player, adding other types of objects with the use of logic
  • Creating animations in Unity
  • Using artistic techniques to videogames whilst using Maya


All the students had a great time and went back home with new creative ideas for their future careers.


Klaudia Wojtkowiak

Klaudia Wojtkowiak:

‘My name is Klaudia, in this year I had the opportunity to do a practice abroad. I learnt to create a computer game and to create a game in 3D. New (delicious) food, new people, new city… Everything is fantastic! This practise is a cool addition to my profession! I am very happy that I could be in this project!’

Rafał Głochowiak1

Rafał Głochowiak:

‘I learnt to create computer graphics. I am really happy that I could be in Spain. I liked to create characters in 3D and making a game on the mobile phone. New culture, new views. Sevilla is a beautiful city. The only thing I would change is that there was too little time for everything (a day only lasts 24 hours).”



Project Details

Project Title: Zostań fachowcem w projekcji grafiki gier komputerowych
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-023776
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Śrem (Poland)

All Projects, Graphic Design, IT