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About This Project

In January 2017, this group of 9 friendly trainees from Portugal crossed the border to meet us in Ubeda for a great five-week internship. During their stay, they worked in different sectors, going from shop assistant or receptionist to nursing home worker and administrative assistant. They carried out plenty of different tasks, such as:


  • Presenting translation and revision of technical-sales documents
  • Providing customer service in a professional, courteous and friendly manner
  • Handling invoices, receipts and payments
  • Providing newly arrived elderly people with the information on the rules to follow in the nursing home’s host center
  • Participating in the preparation of the social inclusion process itinerary for groups and individual patients
  • Assisting with preparing or creating all elements necessary to publish video such as encoding/transcoding, uploading, metadata, scheduling
  • Assembling, preparing and setting up equipment prior to filming, which may include tripods, monitors, lighting, cables and leads, and headphones


Apart from their internship, the trainees did not stand still. They participated in Spanish classes to improve their communicative skills, enjoyed a Flamenco dance workshop, visited the Museum of Artisan Pottery Paco Tito and went on a trip to Granada.


We hope the trainees enjoyed their stay as much as we did and wish them the best of luck in the future!


Andreia Filipa Magalhães Teixeira da Silva (2)

Andreia Filipa Magalhães Teixeira da Silva:

‘My practice was good and the people very nice and friendly. I really liked my work and I felt very comfortable there. I learned a lot of things, for example, to do the orders, how to prepare orders to send, how to organize work in the office and much more.’

Flávio Monteiro

Flávio Monteiro:

‘My experience was very good. I liked a lot my friends at work and work environment. I learned a bit of everything, how to record interviews, press conferences. Now I can also express myself better in Spanish.’



Project Details

Project Title: Still growing up
Project Number: 2016-1-PT01-KA102-022708
Number of participants: 9
City & country: Porto (Portugal)

All Projects, Business Administration, Media, Nursing, Shop Assistant