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About This Project

At the beginning of 2017, a group of 16 Polish trainees embarked on a new adventure that took them all the way to Spain. On their three-week journey they had the opportunity both to improve their professional skills as to explore the best spots of Andalusia.


The trainees carried out all sorts internships working as chef assistant, IT technician or working in the fields of administration, logistics and hospitality. They had the opportunity to tast the local food during Tapas Night, to visit the royal bullring and to discover the other beautiful buildings and sights in Seville. Finally, their trip also took them to the city of Cadiz.


Dominika Bendowska1

Dominika Bendowska:

‘In my place of practice I learnt about Spanish dishes. I obtained new fantastic skills. I learnt how to make ravioli. In Sevilla I met new people, new places and views. This trip is a new fantastic adventure in my life.’

Patrycja Dubska1

Patrycja Dubska:

‘The practice in Spain was a very exciting experience for me. It has been my first longer trip abroad. I am still impressed with newfound culture, the people who create it and amazing places. I was never bored with my job. I hope that skills acquired there will be useful for me in further learning and development. I managed to get to know Sevilla at it’s best. I will never forget this serene ambience, and I hope I will take just a tiny part of it with me back to Poland.’



Project Details

Project Title: Dziś praktyka - jutro praca
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-025513
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Grodzisk Wielkopolski (Poland)

All Projects, Business Administration, Food Production, Gastronomy, IT, Logistics, Restaurant industry, Shop Assistant