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About This Project

In March 2019, six Belgium students had the opportunity to do an internship for three weeks in several kindergartens located in Seville. They could learn more about the nursery education sector and take care of the Spanish children during their kindergarten classes. Their main duties consisted of:

– Planning and linking educational activities with leisure activities
– Providing basic care for children: food, hygiene, protection, clothing, etc
– Providing children with basic processes of social interaction: listening, protection, valuing, facilitating expressing emotions and feelings, eliminating conflicts and tensions in a group
– Performing activities dedicated to facilitating process of socialization and adaptation in a group – Assisting and actively participating in each delivered activity
– Helping with development of each activity
– Motivating children to learn basic and daily duties
– Performing recreational activities

Beside the work placement, our six Belgium trainees could discover a bit more the Spanish culture going out for a tapas night in a typical restaurant of the city center and enjoying a Seville tour organized by the Euromind team. They also had the opportunity to go to Portugal (Tavira), to enjoy the sunny weather.


Tiffany Lemaire

In the end, I have absolutely no regrets. I don’t have enough words to explain how magical it is. The city is enriching with its extraordinary monuments, a culture different from ours to which I was a little afraid to get used to, but you get used to it. I will also stay in Spain for the climate, although when it rains it is not 2-3 drops.

I had a lot of fun in the host company with the children, they are super educated and great. However, I had a little trouble with the language but I still learned words and sentences.
If I had to recommend this trip, it would only be positive. I will remember it all my life and I will miss it very much.

Lora Henno

I simply find it exceptional, an experience that is surely difficult to repeat. I really appreciate the local customs, the weather…obviously we had to adapt to the rhythm of life…Everything is really different from Belgium. So about my internship in the host company, I really appreciate it, I do a lot of things. Children are much more advanced than in Belgium. For example: they have English, music, psychomotricity course… I would be happy to do it again.



Project Details

Project Title: Aspirants in nursing
Project Number: 18MP0005
Number of participants: 6
Country: Belgium, Tournai

All Projects, Child Care, Nursing, Social work
child care, kindergarten, Nursery, nursery teacher