A group of Nursery Teachers and administratives from Belgium developing their skills in wonderful, sunny Seville | Euromind
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About This Project

The students from the school  Scholengroep Sint-Rembert in Turnhout, Belgium, had a wonderful experience on an internship in Seville for 2 weeks.

The student from the field of administration had the chance to do her internship in the Library in Seville, was able to learn how to perform general office duties, using a photocopier, printer, and scanner, providing appropriate organization of books and their archiving or updating records management database systems. The students in the kindergartens had a great experience with both educating children and activities with them. They were planning and linking educational activities with leisure activities, providing children with basic processes of social interaction: listening, protection, valuing, facilitating expressing emotions and feelings, eliminating conflicts and tensions in a group and assisting and actively participating in each delivered activity. The students created a great program after their internship and had the opportunity to discover and gain new experiences from Spanish culture and life.

There is no more beautiful work than working with children or in the library! The students from the school Scholengroep Sint-Rembert in Turnhout, Belgium, they spent two weeks in Seville, where they worked in kindergartens and a library. The girls found a lot of friendships among the children and the student in the library took an unforgettable experience working with historical volumes of books. During their free time, students had the opportunity to get to know beautiful sights, taste Spanish specialties – tapas or make a bike trip! They definitely leave with a lot of new knowledge and experience!


Kyara Vansteenkiste

About the tasks I had to do: I really enjoy doing it. I especially like that I can do so much myself. I was allowed to teach English words to the children through pictures. Lidia also let me sing a song in Dutch for the children. I also get to change the nappies and feed the children. In the afternoon, I was sometimes bored because most of the children are asleep at that time, but of course, they can not help it. About the company/school: In the company, they are very friendly to me. They also help me when necessary. The building is big enough for the number of children. I also like the fact that they have the opportunity to play outside on a small playground at the back. The children are also very friendly and cute. Lidia and Macarena also try their best to speak English to me. I could not have wished for a better internship.

Emma Vansevenant

About the tasks I had to do I found the tasks that I had to do very instructively and fun. I did all the tasks that I like to do and had no objection to. Good supervision also allowed me to complete my tasks successfully. About the company, school I like the company very much, they are all super friendly and helpful. They also teach me new words in Spanish, which is very helpful for me. Both my mentor and all the other child caretakers are going to help me when I ask for something and guide me when I need it.




Project Details

Project Title: Sivi goes Erasmus
Project Number: 2020-1-BE02-KA116-074622
Number of participants: 4
Country: Torhout, Belgium

All Projects, Business Administration, Child Care, Health & Beauty, Nursing
administration, Nursery, teachers