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About This Project

First time with us in Seville! The students from the school Vuk Karadzic School of Economics and Hospitality Velika Plana from Serbia.

We welcomed them to our beautiful Andalusian city, where they spent 2 weeks with us. Students were educated and gained new experiences from the department of administration and economics, where they were led by an excellent tutor Luis.

They enjoyed it a lot and also learned from the Spanish economy, where they could compare many things and thus discover new knowledge.



Katarina Pavlović

Im very satisifed with my workplace, the professor contributes to that satisfaction because he explains the lessons in a very interesting way and tries to pass on knowledge to us. I like the fact that we worked in groups and the professor let us know that communication is the key to good work. I have no objections, I like everything about practice. This is a very great and useful experience for me. I learned things, that will be useful for the future and I hope to visit this city full of beautiful sights again.

Martina Daničić

The teacher was wonderful to us, communicative, friendly, he tried to make every lesson interesting. He didnt speak English the best, but he tried very hard every time. We practiced things that we also did in Serbia, but in a slightly different way. I am very glad that I had this opportunity to be a part of this project. This trip taught me a lot, in addition to practical things, there are also various interesting things about Spain. Seville is a beautiful city, and I would like to visit it many more times in the future




Project Details

Project Title: Digitally economise, transform the reality
Project Number: 2021-1-RS01-KA122-VET-000019839
Number of participants: 16
Country: Velika Plana, Serbia

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