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About This Project

In March 2019, Euromind was pleased to welcome a group of 12 Belgian students to do an internship in different sectors according to their preferences.


They all could develop their skills in the sector they were interested in. For example, those interested in the tourism sector could learn more carrying out some tasks such as searching for new interesting information, preparing offers with new interesting activities to clients and assisting in such activities as kayaking, surfing, biking and horse riding, collaborating in the design of holiday packages incorporating principles of responsible tourism, performing general office duties, accompanying and helping a tourist guide during trips in Seville and outside the city, assisting in the reservation process, issuing tickets and vouchers and other relevant documents related to the services provided…


Others decided to work as shop assistant in different shops, all located in Seville. They were mainly dealing with customer service, supporting the sales process, assisting in the management of invoices, receipts, and payments, taking care of the order in the store, unpacking products, stocking shelves, arranging shop windows and displays, providing advice to clients on choosing the right product and help in finding it in the store…


Two of them chose to work as waiters in a cupcakes store and a hotel. They could improve their skills positioning tables and taking care of the order in the room, providing advice and information on the availability of food and dishes, proposing and serving food and drinks to customers, taking customers’ orders and passing them to kitchen staff or bar attendants…


Finally, two of them decided to take care of children or old people. They had many tasks like attending interviews with individuals and families to assess and observe any kind of situation, assisting in the development of plans to improve the well-being of an elderly person, assisting in any kind of daily activities of the elderly people, planning and linking educational activities with leisure activities, providing basic care for children: food, hygiene, protection, clothing, performing activities dedicated to facilitating process of socialization and adaptation in a group…



Besides the work placement, they had the opportunity to discover the Andalusian capital thanks to a city tour and a bike tour organized by the Euromind team. The Belgian students also attended an intensive Spanish language course, which allowed them to learn some Spanish to help them integrate better with their placements.  All in all, we had a pleasure collaborating with the students eager to learn and we hope to see them soon!


Robbe De Smedt

This project was amazing! I enjoyed it very much and I also loved the internship at the horse riding school. My Spanish has improved and I think I can already understand some Spanish. I´m going to miss Seville a lot !


Patricia Isabel Gaspar Martins

It was lovely to do my internship in this host company and to help the older people. Giving them food and clean their rooms, talk with them. I also did activities with them, like painting, going to the park when it was nice weather. If I got the chance I would do it all over again for sure! I learned a lot with all of them, how to listen to old people, how to deal with different personalities. How to make them happy and laugh. They showed me that with a little bit of love you can support everything. Being there was being home.



Project Details

Project Title: SUI Abroad – join us in learning!
Project Number: 2018-1-BE02-KA116-046706
Number of participants: 12
Country: Belgium, Lier

All Projects, Hotel Industry, Nursing, Shop Assistant, Social work, Tourism
nursery teacher, shop assistant, tourism, waiter