French nursery and tour guide expanding the knowledge of their professions in Seville! | Euromind
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About This Project

The two Parisian girls from the project European Pole of Val de Marne, they came to Seville to complete their internship during 4 weeks.

The students were from the sectors as health assistant and tour guide. A student as a tour guide had the opportunity to work in a tourist center where they organized various activities for tourists and could meet new people, improve her language skills and knowledge of tourism. A student who worked in a residence for retirees, was dedicated to the elderly, who created various activities for them and in case they had any health issues, she was ready to help them and enrich her knowledge.

During their free time they could get to know the Spanish culture and especially the monuments and also take part in various trips to nearby cities in Andalucia!


Sarah Alezia Azouaou

The work place was interesting but I thought that I could learn more about clinical assistance, I wanted to learn about the caring of people, it was related but I thought that I could do more tasks related to my studies. The place was nice in the centre of Seville and the workers were friendly but they did not speak English so the communication was difficult.



Project Details

Project Title: Projets de mobilité accrédités pour les apprenants et le personnel de l enseignement et la formation professionnels
Project Number: 2021-1-FR01-KA121-VET-000009248
Number of participants: 2
Country: Val de Marne, France

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