Students from Croatia on the Spanish farm learning the sollutions from the field of bioconstruction | Euromind
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About This Project

In March and April of 2019 we hosted the group of thirteen students from Tehnička škola Slavonski Brod in Croatia. Students had a great opportunity to learn about how to create an ecological brick from adobe – natural material, how to read and interpret building plans, to make the measurements necessary for the project to be undertaken, to plan and distribute the walls, to choose the most appropriated material for each part of the building, to use the construction tools, to take measures taking into account the building plans and to prepare the main bio/recyclable material to start to build.


After that practice, trainee is able to: start up and carry out a construction project, to understand the importance of being coordinated with all builders in the construction team, to understand the importance of the environmental friendship by using of biomaterials in construction, is able to analyse the properties of the used materials and determine the environmental impact, plan the construction tasks taking into account the project to be undertaken, manage and supervise the construction project etc.


Apart from the bioconstruction practice, they went on various trips, like to Granada and Malaga. They were hosted by the host families – they made new relations with the local people.


They took part in interesting activities like Language and cultural exchange or the Bowling afternoon. The group got to know Ubeda and its rich architecture quite well, as they were living here for three weeks.


Ivan  Jakić

My stay in Ubeda is an unforgetable experience for me. I like Spanish food. Our tutor Alejandro is very patient with us, thanks to him we learned a lot about the bioconstruction and building some constructions for animals here on the local farm. Monica and Lena are also very good people. We could visit Malaga, Granada, Ubeda, and Sevilla. I liked the trips a lot.

Lea Pleša

In my practice, I was interested in everything and I have learned a lot of new skills. I met wonderful people there. My mentor was always helping us and thanks to him I learned a lot. We had a chance to visit many beautiful cities, as Granada or Malaga, and enjoy the culture, language, and delicious food of Spain. I really liked the Spanish cuisine and Spanish people who are extremely kind.

Filip Dugandžić

The stay here is very interesting and it is fun for us. We learned a lot about Spain and its cities, especially about Ubeda. Tutors, Monica and Lena are beautiful people, willing to help about anything. I think those three weeks in Spain are the perfect time because we went through the whole Ubeda and other cities, but one week more would be good for me. I liked Spanish food a lot and I gained some skills in the Spanish language. Thank You!



Project Details

Project Title: Compass for Progress and Excellence
Project Number: 2018-1-HR01-KA102-047188
Number of participants: 13
Country: Croatia, Slavonski Brod

All Projects, Construction
All projects, Bioconstruction, Construction, Ecology