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About This Project

In March 2019, Euromind had a pleasure to host a group of Slovakian students to work during 2 weeks in a wide range of companies dedicated to the administrative sector in Seville. They were assigned to 9 different companies depending on their preferences.


Two students showed interest in working in a company dedicated to the development of establishments for tourist apartments and customer service as well as tax, administration and leasing urban real estate or properties. Others students decided to train themselves in companies mainly specializing in the transport of goods by road as well as courier and collection services. They could improve their skills doing some specific tasks such as:

  • Providing customer service in a professional, courteous and friendly manner
  • Creating and modifies documents using Microsoft Office, performing general office duties
  • Using a photocopier, printer, and scanner, preparing, scanning and placing documents in electronic and paper filing systems
  • Maintaining and managing inventory control of materials and suppliers
  • Processing sales invoices, receipts, and payments
  • Analyzing prices and purchasing office supplies
  • Providing appropriate organization of invoices
  • Maintaining and updating records management database systems.


Moreover, some students were willing to work as administrative assistant in companies dedicated to the field of education or tourism. They could learn more about the administrative work realizing some tasks like:

  • Attending project meetings when appropriate
  • Assisting in the coordination of events during projects’ delivery
  • Undertaking general administration including text processing
  • Dealing with enquiry’s and routine correspondence
  • Photocopying, scanning, filing, ensuring that project files are up to date
  • Assisting the manager of the company in the maintenance of the database (enter data, make queries and prepare reports)
  • Maintaining and updating the internal library and index including administration of photos and digital images
  • Arranging and overseeing the recording of projects for the database and archive,
  • Preparing and delivering presentations
  • Helping in the preparation of marketing materials
  • Managing company’s social media, Facebook
  • Controlling payments, updating payments
  • Schedules, class shifts, recoveries of the classes
  • Controlling and preparing material that will be used for classes
  • Maintaining and updating the internal data, arranging and overseeing the recording of projects for the database and archive
  • Managing company’s social media – Facebook
  • Creating bibliographic records
  • Receiving and greeting clients at the reception


Besides the work placement, students improved their language skills in a dynamic atmosphere receiving Spanish lessons by Euromind team but also discovered the city thanks to the Seville Tour organized by our team. Slovakian students also had the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather of Spain visiting Andalusian cities like Cadiz and Granada.


Michaela  Šviriková

I was really happy at my work. We had an administration work whole 2 weeks and an amazing tutor. She was always helpful and kind. I was working 5 hours every day. My colleagues were nice and the work they were giving us was good and not hard at all.

Dominik Peter

My work placement was very good. It was not so far from our accommodation and from the city so I could get everywhere I wanted. At first day at work it was quiet difficult to get to know the system of working but day by day it was better and better. I got to know everybody and they were really kind, friendly and amiable to me. Communication with them wasn’t so easy because they don’t speak English so well. But I am glad I learned something new. Everyone from Euromind was so kind to us and I appreciate it really. The accommodation was convenient. Tasty food 3 times per day and clean rooms. I don’t have anything bad to tell about it. So, I have to tell you big thank you for your help, patience and politeness to us. Hope I will cooperate with Euromind/Erasmus again.



Project Details

Project Title: “Od praxe k zamestnaniu 2” – “From Practice to Employment 2”
Project Number: 2018-1-SK01-KA102-046036
Number of participants: 12
Country: Slovakia, Levice

All Projects, Business Administration
administration, administrative, business administration