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About This Project

For two weeks of September 2018, Polish trainees from Szczecinek worked on a project related to bio-construction. The main goals of this practice were:

– familiarizing students with ideas of ecologic construction

– teaching them about natural and recycled components and their qualities

– building some parts of farm buildings using various materials and techniques.


They worked in the local company to develop their professional skills and increase their awareness of ecology. Trainees learned about difficulties that await for those, who intend to expand this form of construction, but they could also see its importance in the modern world.


This project allowed them to see different stages of bio-construction with use of different materials. They were carrying out real tasks, for example:

– to disassemble pallets in the fastest way

– to prepare a natural brick

– to look for materials necessary for the construction

– to prepare a natural grout

– to prepare the natural roughcast

– to collect and prepare natural materials, such as straw, hay, clay.


The time the group spent in Spain was a time of work, but as well an opportunity to get to know other culture. They tasted typical Spanish dishes while having a good time with friends, during a special evening with tapas. The Tourist Train took the trainees for a pleasant and interesting panoramic tour around the historic centre of Úbeda. In addition, they went on a trip to beautiful Nerja and had a barbecue in the rhythm of flamenco. Also, they were spending their free time in an active way: in the swimming pool or playing bowling and other sports.


Szymon Prymicz:

I am very happy with this practice in Ubeda. The team was very positive and helpful. The atmosphere was very good there. I have learned to build in a bio way and how to make eco-bricks.

Sandra Sochan:

The atmosphere at work made you want to work. Our tutors were very helpful and open. The language barrier was not a problem for me. We were learning languages together. I have learned a lot from our tutors. At the moment, I have many new skills and knowledge.



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczne mobilności inwestycją w rozwój zawodowy uczestników projektu
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-037085
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Szczecinek (Poland)

Agriculture, All Projects, Construction