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About This Project

In October 2018, a group of 11 drone passionate students from Croatia came to Seville to do their internship working as electric programmers. They spent two weeks gaining new professional experience and expanding their linguistic and intercultural competences.


Firstly, the interns got to know the drone safety rules and the important procedures to know how to prevent potential accidents. They had a chance to build a drone from scratch and to create a joystick to control the drone. They controlled a drone using different types of movements, flight modes, configuration, etc. The students also calibrated drones and outdoor flights.


What is more, the euroMind team provided the young interns with a great range of activities. They took a dynamic Spanish course which improved their linguistic competences. They also visited the most important places in Seville during the tour organized by the euroMind. In addition, they went on a trip to Cadiz, a beautiful city located by the ocean.


Bruno Bartulović

This trip to Seville was amazing. I had a beautiful experience and the people in the city are polite and ready to help anyone who needs it. The study with the drones was really great and building them was really fun. The culture in this city was interesting and cool. Overall, if you have a chance to go to Erasmus, do not reject the offer.

Ante Kalajžić

Seville is a beautiful city full of culture, nice people, museums that are rich with historical artefacts and beautiful parks. While in Seville I learnt Spanish (beautiful language) and it did not take us too long to talk and write because we had a great teacher. We were also learning how to build drones, which in the beginning was hard to understand but in time we learnt to build them, then to configure them. Thanks to our professors, we even visited the place where they construct drones, which was an amazing place to be.



Project Details

Project Title: E-VENT - Electronics - Vocational Education for New Technologies
Project Number: 2018-1-HR01-KA102-047162
Number of participants: 11
Country: Croatia, Omiš

All Projects, Electronics, IT, Robotics
Drones, IT, Operating, Technology