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About This Project

In March 2018, a group of 19 Polish trainees from Szczebrzeszyn had the opportunity to do a work experience in Seville as CNC operators, baker and hairdresser. The majority attended both theoretical an practical classes about Programming the Mechanical Manufacturing and two of them were placed in local companies as a baker and a hairdresser. During this training period, they developed their knowledge and skills by carrying out several tasks, such as:



  • Getting to know machining components, traditional machining of rotation parts, traditional lathe machine operations, traditional milling machine operations, montage of cut tools and raw materials, fabrication of parts, control and verification of machining processes;
  • Learning the basics of CNC programming, manual programming using a computer, programming CNC machines;
  • Designing of 3D parts using a computer and CAD/CAM software, understanding the machining process using a computer and CAD/CAM software;
  • Creating a simulation and verification of the machining process using a computer and CAD/CAM software
  • CNC lathe machine and milling machine operation
  • Mixing raw materials and ancillary products in appropriate quantities and preparing different types of dough and creams
  • Receiving, storing and preparing raw materials and needed ancillary products according to the product that will be made, controlling the quality
  • Washing customer’s head and getting it ready for cutting or other techniques required
  • Customer service in accordance with the principles of culture and art of hairdressing



Moreover, they learned some Andalusian culture and history during a Seville tour and the Spanish course. They tasted some typical local dishes during Tapas Night. They could also visit the beautiful cities of Malaga and Cordoba.

We hope that our trainees learned a lot, both about their field of study and their interpersonal training experience in a foreign country. We wish them all the best for their future like and work.


ddGrzegorz Bezrąk

A three-week stay in Spain will stick to my memory for a very long time. Knowledge for which I enriched myself on practices, will certainly be useful in my professional life and thanks to good teacher Fran and great translator Patrycja, there was always a good atmosphere in class. Trips to Malaga and Cordoba are an amazing experience, visiting these beautiful places and getting to know their stories, I will certainly be pleased to mention, among others, the good organization and interesting stories of our coordinator Kuba. Thank you very much for these three weeks in Seville and see you soon!

nnArkadiusz Podsiadły:

3 weeks stay in Spain will be stuck in my memory forever. I got to know the beauty of the architecture and nature of Andalusia, through trips to Malaga and Cordoba, and also Seville. Everything has been explained to us by our coordinator Kuba, I was surprised with many new things, not only those related to mechanics but I also expanded my language skills thanks to our tutor Fran, our translator Patrycja and the teacher of Spanish.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejska praktyka zawodowa drogą do sukcesu
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-025399
Number of participants: 19
City & country: Szczebrzeszyn (Poland)

All Projects, Baker, CNC, Hairdressing