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About This Project

20 brilliant students from Šibenik (Croatia) spent some time in Seville in November 2017 for a two-weeks training experience as 3D Solid Edge Graphic Designers. Their training courses helped them to gain experience, to develop their knowledge and to carry out several tasks, such as:



  • Designing simple parts using the following commands: drawing, drilling, rounding and chamfering, opening the holes, sketching, patterning;
  • Creating and implementing the cross-section, dimensioning parts and developing the merchandising project;
  • Printing and exporting 2D drawings;
  • Assembly of a simple and complex ensemble;
  • Designing office items, lamps, furniture, key hold-er, bottles, etc.



Moreover, they learned some Spanish and some Andalusian culture during a Spanish course, a Seville Guadalquivir River cruise and a Seville tour (with a visit to the modern monument Metropol Parasol-Las Setas). They could also visit the beautiful cities of Cordova and Cadiz, as well as take part into a study visit to a company of 3D technology.

We hope that our trainees had a lot of fun in Seville, but that they especially improved their knowledge and working skills, that will be useful for their future work and private life.



Mario Vukšić

‘Hola amigos, my name is Mario, over the last two weeks I enjoyed the city of Seville and I had the chance to take part in an intensive training course focused on Solid edge. The hotels where we were accommodated was great and the hotel staff was very friendly and kind. I participated also in a Spanish course taught by Stefano, a great teacher. About the training course I can say that in the beginning it was very hard because the program was in Spanish and we were not able to understand all the commands to be executed. I got to overcome this initial difficulty thanks to the teacher, a very helpful and kind person. I’m very happy to have has the opportunity to take part in this great experience.’

Fili Cobanoc

Filip Čobanov:

‘Hi my name is Filip and in these past two weeks I have been learning how to use the Solid Edge 3D program.  Actually, I already had some experience with Solid Edge and other 3D programs so it wasn’t that hard for me to adapt.  The only problem I had was language of the used program, it was in Spanish and the teacher had to translate for us during the whole course. Every day we created more and more complex parts and in the last days we even did an assembly of more complex parts.  The professor was kind and helpful and the entire school had a friendly vibe.  On the last day we went to a company that had 3D printers and they printed for us the logos we had previously created. It has been a very interesting experience.  If I get an opportunity I will surely sign up for another Erasmus project.’

Frane Lokas

Frane Lokas :

‘Hi I am Frane. I spent two weeks in Spain doing a professional practice on a Solid Edge 3d program and attending in a Spanish course. As far as the 3d Solid Edge program is concered, it was not a problem for me because I already had some preconceptions about that program. At the beginning we drew simple drawings, and the last part of the professional practice we put together some 3d circuits. I also had the chance to travel to Cadiz and Cordoba. I am completely satisfied with the whole program, and of course I would like to take part in such programs once again.’



Project Details

Project Title: 5E – Education, Energy Efficiency, Economy, Environment, Excellence
Project Number: 2017-1-HR01-KA102-035186
Number of participants: 20
City & country: Šibenik (Croatia)

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