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About This Project

In November 2017, a group of 16 Polish trainees from Starachowice had the opportunity to come to Seville for a two-weeks working experience in Electronics and Mobile App programming. They participated in theoretical and practical training courses and developed their knowledge and skills by carrying out several tasks, such as:



  • Programming mobile devices (basic architecture of device and Android system with software emulators for virtual mobile devices);
  • Creating and running software projects process for Android: installation and configuration of ECLIPSE environment;
  • Designing components of user interface in mobile application – using templates;
  • Designing navigation system in mobile apps: menu options, contextual menu items SlideMenu and NavigationDrawer, tabs;
  • Usage of the built-in hardware components of mobile devices application such as: camera, camcorder, media player, GPS receiver, compass, stopwatch;
  • Design and implementation of database maintenance in mobile app using database structures, application queries in SQL, modification and updating data.



Moreover, they learned the Andalusian culture, history and beauty during a Seville tour. They could also visit the beautiful cities of Gibraltar and Cadiz.

We hope that our trainees learned a lot, that they had fun and that they improved their professional and interpersonal skills. We wish them all the best for their future like and work.


Weronika Życińska

Weronika Życińska

‘For me the trip to Spain was very useful. I improved my knowledge of programming and I had the opportunity to create apps for Android. Thanks to Miguel everything was much easier. I also visited many beautiful places in Spain and I learned a lot about the culture of this country.’

Wojtek Mazurek

Wojciech Mazurek:

‘During the practice I had very good time. I learned very useful things about basic of programming android apps. Our teacher – Miguel was funny and intelligent. With our coordinator we visited Cadiz and Gibraltar. This trip was tiring but the views were all rewarding. Thanks to Kuba for the beautiful hostel and trips. I am grateful.’

Konrad Barszcz1

Jan Kozieł:

‘I spent good time in Spain. The Teacher of Mobile Apps was very helpful and funny. Coordinator Kuba show us Gibraltar and Cadiz. Those two places were beautiful and nice. I learned a lot of methods for app programming. I now know almost most of the vocabulary. I would like to go back to Spain in the future.’



Project Details

Project Title: Profesjonalni na europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-025668
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Starachowice (Poland)

All Projects, Electronics, Media