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About This Project

The April 2019 was coming to an end when a group of 16 trainees from Namysłów arrived in Malaga to take part in the great experience of their lives. They took part in the one-month internship, working as IT technicians and electronics, gaining experience and new skills in their profession. They were sure that all these experiences and challenges will influence the quality of their work and help them in the recruitment process when applying for future jobs.


During their internships among many other responsibilities IT technicians were installing, assembling and upgrading hardware, checking the electrical connections of the various hardware components, examining and diagnosing hardware, reading electrical diagrams, – Locating the components in the computer, dismantling, reassembly and replacing of simple electrical, electronic and mechanical components.

On the other hand, electronics were learning to operate testing equipment to diagnose malfunctions, performing preventive maintenance, assisting in the installation of different systems, testing newly acquired equipment for functioning ability and using diagnostic computers and oscilloscopes in the workplace and many more.


After working hours, the whole group went on a cultural trip to Granada, where they visited two of the most famous places in Spain – Alcazaba, and Alhambra. Apart from visiting Granada, they were lucky enough to go on a trip to Gibraltar. At the overlook, they were able to see a beautiful panorama of the city and its surroundings.




Szymon Szczegielniak


The internship in Spain passed very quickly and pleasantly. During my internship I learned a lot, the tutors were helpful, friendly and they tried to spend some time with us, of course in an interesting way. The hostel where we lived was quite nice. Generally, the stay was great!


Daniel Samiec


I really liked my internship in Spain. During my stay, I visited many beautiful places such as Malaga, Granada, and Gibraltar. There was also time to get to know my colleagues better and gain some new skills that are so useful in my profession. Surely, I will remember my time spent in a nice way!


Krystian Migdał


Spain has made a huge impression on me. Staying at a hotel near the beach was a perfect escape from everyday life. I lived in a well-kept and refreshed room and in the cafeteria, there was always a large selection of meals (including my favorite ice cream). My internship gave me the opportunity to get to know the local culture. During the work, time passed quickly and in a pleasant atmosphere. The time spent here was something special for me and it will be remembered for a long time.




Project Details

Project Title: Lepsza jakość, kolejne wyzwania - praktyki techników
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049584
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Namysłów

All Projects, Electronics, IT
Electronics, IT, IT technician