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About This Project

For two weeks in Abril 2019, this 16 Polish students from Szczebrzeszyn in Poland spent their time in Malaga to do an internship in the Gastronomy sector.


They worked as Cooks in some local restaurants, carrying out several tasks, such as learning about the typical Spanish cuisine and local specialties, performing skilled cooking and food preparation, assisting in coordinating food service activities to have meals prepared at scheduled time, observing and testing food to determine if it has been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting, smelling or piercing it with utensil, weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment and also adjusting the amount of food, creating portions, arranging and garnishing food as well as serving it to waiters or clients if needed.


Moreover, they learned some Andalusian historical and cultural features during a Malaga tour, Tapas Night, Boat Trip, as well as during the trip to another Andalusian city: Ronda. A part from that, they also had the chance to strengthen their language skills during an intensive Spanish course held by euroMind team.


We hope that our trainees had fun and that they learned many things that will be useful for their future work and in their private life.


Stepan Stanishevskyi

This trip to Spain has left many positive emotions that will be difficult to forget. Visiting these beautiful places, I had the opportunity to get to know this culture better. Practice in a good place with nice people is also a factor that makes you want to come back.

Ewelina Wyrostkiewicz

Unfortunately, three weeks of professional practice are already over, I am very sorry because I would like to stay here longer. The stay in Malaga was great, Malaga made a wonderful impression on me, it is beautiful, nice people and the weather that spoiled me that regret to come back to Poland. Practices have taught me a lot, thanks to which I raised my professional skills, I got to know the delicacies of Spain and wonderful people from my restaurant who were nice to me and they willingly explained to me and showed me how to do it. I hope I will come back here again and be able to visit my restaurants.



Project Details

Project Title: Europejski wymiar kształcenia w Zespole Szkół Nr 2 w Szczebrzeszynie
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049101
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Szczebrzeszyn (Poland)

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