To the horizon and beyond! 15 students from Poland discover international internships | Euromind
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About This Project

A group of 15 students, from the Zespół Szkół im. ks. dra Jana Zwierza, in Ropczyce, came from Poland to do their practices in Spain.


They spent three weeks in Málaga, where they worked as economists, mechatronics, CNC, and car mechanics. During their internship they had the opportunity to test their skills and learn new things, living in a foreign country. They gained important work experience, acquiring a wealth of knowledge in their own professional fields.


They enjoyed their permanence also because of the opportunity to visit new wonderful places and discover the local culture. In their free time, they had trips to some of the typical Andalucian villages, such as Mijas and Ronda.


Surely, they came back to Poland happy and satisfied with their achievements. Hope they will repeat the experience soon!




Wiktor Sroka

The trip to Spain turned out to be an amazing adventure. Many beautiful places, attractions, and lots of delicious food. The people are friendly and the work in the workshop was a very interesting experience for me and enjoyable activity, totally different from what we are doing at school in Poland. The co-workers and mentors were always willing to help and support us in our work. The accommodation we stay in was very neat and cozy, and there were many special trips to many amazing places in Spain. I really liked the stay in Andalucia and I hope to come back here again one day.

Patryk Czołkosz

Málaga is a beautiful city, I have seen so many beautiful places there. I was on the beach and visited nearby towns. In the residence where we were staying, we had literally everything we needed and in my free time, I was taking a rest in the nearby garden or in the swimming pool. I was working at Forja Roja, where I had very nice and helpful bosses who were always there to help us with any doubt. Time passed very quickly, I learned a lot of useful and interesting things, I am glad that I was able to come here.



Project Details

Project title: Poszerzaj horyzonty zawodowe w projekcie Erasmus+
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-078953
Number of participants: 15
Country: Ropczyce, Poland

All Projects, Business Administration, Car mechanics, CNC, Mechatronic engineering
Car mechanics, CNC, Economy, mechatronics