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About This Project

A group of 21 students from Zespół Szkół Gastronomicznych w Łodzi spent 2 beautiful weeks in Málaga having an opportunity to develop their professional and language skills.


21 cooks were able to practice their skills in restaurants around Malaga and Torremolinos. They could learn the secrets of Spanish cuisine and experience the atmosphere of Spanish restaurants. The group was very hardworking and received a lot of praise from employers.


During the two weeks, they visited amazing places such as Ronda with the oldest bullfighting arena and when they could learn about the history of corrida. They also visited Cordoba, an Andalusian city with the oldest mosque in Spain.


As they say, through the stomach to the heart. We hope that this is how our students fell in love with Spain and will want to come back soon!



Rafał Latek

The trip to Spain helped me understand that it is not worth sticking to the culture of the country from which we come from, but that you have to open up to other cultures to gain the knowledge and skills that I acquired during the internship. The fact that I had the courage to go to another country for the first time without a good command of the language helped me break the language block and showed that I do not have to speak another language well to get along well and do the tasks entrusted to me. On the trip, I liked the atmosphere the most, not only the one created by the employees of the restaurant where I worked who turned out to be great and I only regret that I had the opportunity to work with them for such a short time, but also the atmosphere created by the caretakers of the group and the whole group. On the other hand, the Spanish language classes showed that we do not have to sit with our noses in books all the time, and we can learn the language in a pleasant way by learning it in practice, and even through play.

Julia Dudzik

Thanks to my trip to Spain, I broke my language barrier. I met many wonderful people, and I visited a lot of interesting places and learned about their history. What I liked the most about the trip was my assigned restaurant, because it had a great atmosphere and they taught me a lot there. I also enjoyed the trips to Cordoba and Ronda, and also the free time that we devoted to walks along the shore, shopping and sightseeing in Torremolinos and Málaga.

Julia Jasińska

I enjoyed my stay in Malaga very much because of the good atmosphere not only among my schoolmates, but also the good working atmosphere. I managed to break my language barrier and thanks to that I am able to speak English better than before. At work, learned how to handle seafood, I was responsible for the orders in the restaurant. My boss and the mentors were very nice and understanding that I was not always able to understand them, it was really nice and I learned a lot from them. I liked spending my free time at the swimming pool or on the beach. My feelings after this trip are really positive and honestly, if I could have stayed longer I would!



Project Details

Project Title: Kucharz zawodowiec
Project Number: 2021-1-PL01-KA121-VET-000012272
Number of participants: 21
Country: Łódź, Poland

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