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About This Project

At the end of March, a group of students from Brussels, Belgium landed in Málaga for a whole month. In Spain, they did their professional internships as cooks in a seaside chiringuito, in an elegant restaurant in the city centre and in a popular kitchen serving sushi.


To overcome the language barrier, they took a 10-hour course in English and a 10-hour course in Spanish. These courses helped them a lot with their colleagues and the locals.


Thanks to their mobility, they had the opportunity to visit the city of Málaga and enjoy a catamaran trip. They also visited the city of Seville and the famous Gibraltar with its monkeys!


Hope that in the future we will have such cheerful groups, with gifted and curious trainees.

Diaoune Fatoumata

What prompted me to come to Spain for an internship was to gain new experience, meet new people, learn a new language. I did my internship in a restaurant next to the beach. It was very nice to work there and the employees too. At first, I had some problems with the language but with time I started to understand little by little. I did two weeks in the room where I set the tables, and then I did the two weeks of cooking, the tasks I had, were to make the set up to prepare them from the chef cut vegetables, peel shirmps and many other things. I had a great time!

Salemata Balde

I was in Málaga for four weeks. I really liked the landscape and the accommodation, I spent very good time with my classmates through the several activities we did together. The restaurant in which I did my internship was very good, too. What I liked the most was learning recipes and technics that are so different from French cuisine.



Project Details

Project number: 20MP004
Project Title: GOOD FOOD YOUTH
Number of participants: 6
Country: Brussels, Belgium

All Projects, Food Production, Gastronomy
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