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About This Project

The group of 8 students from the school SUPSKS Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic came to sunny Seville city to enjoy their internship for 4 weeks!

During their great internship, they had the opportunity to improve in their fields such as graphic design and photography. The students had to create a visual identity for a company of Seville. They were enjoying creation of logotypes, billboards or banners. With the help of photography, they could also get to know interesting historical places in Seville. Also they became more skilled in some graphic programs because of tasks for their project.

During their free time, students had the opportunity to get to know not only Seville, but also various cities in Andalusia!


Barbora Pernekrová

The first two weeks we walked around Seville a lot of taking pictures of important sights for our project. I learnt about the history of the whole country and got better at photography. I also liked to be working on this type of project, that I’ve never got chance to work on before. I really enjoyed that we had our own space to work in. Everyone it the academy was really friendly. Our mentor Javi was really great and would always help us with anything. Overall I liked it here a lot. I got to learn something about the culture and this place is really beautiful and charming. If I get any chance to come back or to be part of more euromind projects, I would be definitely in.

Adéla Marková

The task for our project was to create a campaign for the city of Seville. I had to create graphic visuals for the project and also think about the whole concept of the campaign. I had to work in Adobe programmes, write and translate texts for propagation prints and work in a team of two. I’ve learned many things about Spanish culture, cooperation, communication, and a bit of photography. I liked that we were not just working in the office for our whole work time but we were mainly working outside, taking photos and notes of some of the most important sights and places in Seville. Working in the office was quite peaceful and quiet, which was nice. Our mentor answered all the questions that we had and was very helpful. I also liked the office, although it wasn’t very spacious. Overall I have enjoyed my stay. I have never experienced something like this before and I would like to try it again sometime later.



Project Details

Project Title:
Project Number: 2021-1-CZ01-KA121-VET-00005198
Number of participants: 8
Country: Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

All Projects, Graphic Design, Marketing, Photography
Graphic design, marketing, Photography