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About This Project

In January 2019, EuroMind greeted 18 students from Poland, who were willing to work in the field of IT and CNC in Seville.  IT programmers and technicians and computer numerical control operators could choose from a wide range of companies to do their internship in. IT students have chosen to work in many different companies including marketing and advertisement agencies, stores specializing in selling and repairing computers, where they had various responsibilities, such as:

– Programming with JavaScript and WordPress

– Using layout programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, C++, HTML and CSS

– Designing and developing web pages depending on their function

– Making projects using Photoshop, Corel, Adobe Illustrator

– Installing, assembling and upgrading hardware

– Checking the electrical connections of the various hardware components

– Reading electrical and electronic diagrams

The other students were keen on learning more about logistics and computer numerical control operating by working in companies related to electronic and engineering sector, for example the ones dedicated to retail trade, the repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and the manufacture of hydraulic pistons. Here students were:

– Learning to test, diagnose and repair electronic circuit boards

– Performing preventive maintenance, cleaning and lubricating an electronic equipment

– Helping to install and replace electronic gadgets

– Using diagnostic computers and oscilloscopes in the workplace

– Operating and monitoring machines for cutting, drilling and grinding the metal

– Knowing different tools and materials, such as steel, iron, copper and bronze to make every day and decorative objects

– Wiring electrical cabinets

– Assembling necessary machinery for the production process of electrical cabinets

– Operating CNC machines, pneumatic machines.

Moreover, students were not only working and having free time, but they also had an opportunity to explore Spain and its culture with the help of EuroMind team. The students participated in Seville tour and bike tour, which took them around the most important places in Seville and showed cultural and historical highlights, also local Spanish cuisine was introduced to our students in a local restaurant, where they could try many different tapas. To make students´ stay even more enjoyable, one day trips to Malaga and Gibraltar were organized, during which students could explore different parts of Spain. All in all, the project went successfully and it was our pleasure to have the students with us in Seville. We hope to have you here again!



Kacper Jędrasiewicz

Trip to Spain was amazing. Eurominds tours were arranged really well. Sevilla is really beautiful and stunning. Residence was clean and homelike. Food was good, tasty and diverse. Staff was nice and always smiling. My tutor was great! He took care of me and always helped me out. An internship was fantastic. My tutor´s family was nice to me. Coordinator (Marysia) was really friendly and helpful. She always tried to do everything to help us.

Dawid Kaczor

I have worked for a month in a company and I liked it very much. I have learned a lot and expanded my knowledge. I was working with Bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS, C++ and WordPress. I created a few pages in different ways, I have made a couple simple games and quizzes, I made a landing page and a  responsive website. I was very proud that I could be there. The atmosphere at work was very friendly. We had a very nice and helpful tutor who was helping us with every problem we came across and gave us a lot of tasks. I would like to stay here longer, because I fell in love with this country. I will never forget it. It was the time of my life. If I could, I would go there again.



Project Details

Project Title: Mobilność i specjalizacja zawodowa kluczem do sukcesu na europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049151
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland, Radom

All Projects, CNC, Engineering, IT, Logistics, Mechatronic engineering
CNC, IT, logistcs, Mechanics, Programming, technicians