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About This Project

In January, a group of 20 students from Poland came to Seville to attend group training in a robotics field. The students had an opportunity to work and gain experience in a company specializing in engineering and development of humanoid robots, that can be used for different purposes, for example: entertainment, retail, marketing, health, education, tourism, and household use. The company’s robots are also used for exhibitions and for artistic purposes. The company has received many prizes, such as the Spanish Premio Arranque (2013), a distinction from ING Direct (2014), the JEI (Joven Empresa Innovadora – Young Innovative Company) certificate (2015) and others. The company is considered as one of the 20 most relevant Start Up in the world and the 90% of its turnover comes from outside Spain. Its capacity to innovate and to extrapolate this innovation from the market has allowed it to achieve fast growth. The company is one of the first companies in the world where quantum physics is already being applied to robotic applications, which will then be presented to the consumer market. During 2 weeks stay, students were responsible for different tasks, including:


– Distinguishing hardware and software for Nao and Sanbot

– Controlling robots through smartphone applications

– Real-time problem solving through smartphone applications

– Programming and controlling Nao through the Choreographe software

– Identifying and manipulating movement

– Creating tasks in the trumpet application

– Carrying out presentations in front of audiences

– Creating conversations for Nao and Sanbot.


Besides the internship, students had various other activities to get a deeper insight in Spanish culture. Firstly, they had a short, dynamic and intense Spanish course, which was taught through interactive ways and exercises. Moreover, students had cultural activities like Seville city tour with Erasmus guide, which helps our trainees to understand the city from a historical and artistic point of view, but also gives them some shopping and eating tips. The group is showed the most attractive places where they can go and grab something to eat, drink, have fun or just relax and hang out. And finally students had opportunity to visit and explore other cities like Malaga or Gibraltar!


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Arkadiusz Walawender

I have learned a lot in that class. We were talking about applications, machines, robots, definitions
in robotics and also about block diagrams. Kishannth is good, communicative teacher who knows
how to interest students with specific subjects. I feel very good about that and I am glad because of the taken direction.

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Jakub Nowak

I am so proud to touch and work with machines which I have never seen before that project. It is
very exciting to learn about robotics, this is the future but I can feel it right now. Everything is easy when you have a teacher with the passion, which work in it everyday.

Sebastian Żmijewski

During course, I have learned much about robots and programming. I learned a lot about languages which computers/robots depends on. Our teacher has big knowledge about his job. He is teaching us really quickly and successfully. I acquired some skills which will help me in my mechatronics career.



Project Details

Project Title: Doświadczenie zawodowe młodego technika kluczem do sukcesu na rynku pracy
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048459
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Zagan

All Projects, Electronics, Engineering, IT, Mechatronic engineering, Robotics
Engineering, IT, Robotics, Robots