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About This Project

Students from Romania came to Seville for 2 weeks, to do various workshops with famous cars brands. Interns were split in different groups and had an ability to work in different workshops, offering wide selections of services like car maintenance, general mechanics, car electronics, vechicle diagnosis, suspension system. Also some of the students chose to work with famous car brands. Main tasks that students were responsible for throughout their internships were:


-Locating defects in the components of a vehicle , Lubricating and cleaning the vehicle
-Selecting and using measurement instruments and diagnostic equipment in vehicles
-Performing basic service and repair activities related to car servicing, i.e.: oil and filter change, defective parts replacement, washing of engine and other car components
-Car body repairing i.e. welding, brazing, riveting, sheet metal and profiles bonding, assembly and disassembly of car body components and chassis
-Removing and disassembling units such as engines, transmissions or differentials, to be repaired, using hand tools and power tools
-Helping to align and repair wheels, inspect and test new vehicles against damage
-Using diagnostic computers and oscilloscopes in the workplace.


During their stay of 2weeks, students had not only the training internship, but also many cultural activities and Spanish language course.  The group had a chance to visit the Real Betis Balompie Stadium and play a football match with Spanish players, where they could prove their courage, teamwork and fighting spirit. Moreover, students had an opportunity to explore Seville, where they were staying in, with Euromind team guide and also go to other cities such as Malaga or Gibraltar.


Vasile Madalin Skoda 1


Skoda is a great company and I am very happy to have worked in one of the several SKODA services. Here I found a nice atmosphere and I had the chance to learn a lot from my tutor. Mr. Jose Luis Plaza Guerrero, is a good teacher and a patient man. I liked my work placement also because all the mechanics were smiling and always willing to help me. It has been a unique experience, which helped me to discover myself and find the path which I must follow in life.

Emil Gabriel Volvo 1


I’m glad I worked for a short time in a big company like Volvo. Even though I am a beginer in car mechanics, my tutor had confidence to let me work alone, after learning what I had to do. I have seen and worked with modern equipment, which I did not do at home, in my country. I was received with much warmth by the tutor and the other mechanics in the firm. I want to thank everyone because they made me feel good in Volvo company and due to them, I realized that the job of a mechanic is not hard, as I thought, is a beautiful job.



Project Details

Project Title: E+VET Mobility - the key of success for future professionals car mechanics ( MoVE E+)
Project Number: 2017-1-RO01-KA102-036284
Number of participants: 19
Country: Romania

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electricians, Electronics, Logistics, Mechatronic engineering
Car mechanics, Electronics, Logistics, Mechatronic engineering