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About This Project

A group of French students stayed in Sevilla for 3weeks and had been taking care of different animals in the animal center. The center is providing shelter to different species of animals and plants, also creates best conditions for them to live as the center is outside the city and has area of 12 hectares, that nourishes to a multitude of wild animals walking its paths as if they were in their natural habit. Thus, the students had a great opportunity to work with different animals, learn more about veterinary, as during their training program they were involved in many activities, such as:

– Feeding, giving water and examining animals
– Cleaning and disinfecting cages and work areas
– Sterilizing laboratory and surgical equipment
– Providing post-operative care
– Utilizing medication orally or topically
– Preparing samples for laboratory examination under a veterinarian’s or veterinarian technician’s supervision
– Collecting blood for diagnostic purposes and fecal samples.

Besides the training program, students also had plenty of free time to get more familiar with Spain, its culture, architecture and history. They also had an intense and dynamic Spanish language course and many cultural activities in Seville.




I had a very good and enriching internship in Seville. I spent three amazing weeks there and I can affirm that Seville is one of the most charming city I have ever visited. People are amazing, very smiling and talkative. During the internship in a local zoo, I had the chance to work with very friendly and helpful colleagues, they were always willing to help me and to teach me Spanish expressions. Im very happy to have participated in this project, I would recommend the experience to all the European students.


laurie 2


What a great adventure I had in Seville. I spent 3 weeks working in a big local zoo. During this time, I learnt a lot about the animal trainer profession and having direct contact with many kind of exotic animals has been amazing.  I could also discover another country and a different culture. The only weak point that I could meet during my trip was the difficulty of understanding the language, mostly during the first days but thought this, I became aware about my ability to adapt in an unknown environment.



Project Details

Project Title:
Project Number: 2016-1-FR01-KA102-023307
Number of participants: 6
Country: France

Agriculture, All Projects, Gardening, Laboratory, Veterinary
Agriculture, Animals, Botanics, Gardening, Plants, Veterinary