French students in Seville, and their adventure at the ranch and shelter with animals | Euromind
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About This Project

The 14 students from the school Ineopole Formacion in Brens, France, came to Sevilla city for 3 weeks to do their internship from the sector animal care assistants. The students were doing their practice in the horse ranch and the animal refuge. During their stay they could get more experience about the work in abroad, learn new techniques how to care of the animals and discover the Spanish working system.

The horse breeders in their practice were examining horses, disinfecting the stables and work areas. In the afternoon were preparing food, animal boxed and taking them for the activities in the open air.

Animal care assistants were monitoring the condition of animals and recognizing, and resolving any behavioral problems and ensuring animals are kept clean and comfortable. In addition, they were organizing any activities for the dogs, so they could learn how to manipulate with large groups of animals.


Lula Touery-cape

I washed horses, brushed them, walk them and feed them. I cleaned boxes and put straws. I also cleaned the stables. I learned hitching techniques. I was able to learn the different ways to take care of a horse. The people there were very nice. Everyone was kind and helped you if you had a problem. There are only positive things for me. The atmosphere, the place, the horses, and the people were good things. It was a very nice experience. We found new people, learned new working techniques, test new things (hitch). I am very happy to have made this trip and discovered a new city.

Ambre Vidal

During my internship, I was doing the practice with the horses, coupling them, and riding the horses, and sometimes we had to brush and wash them. In this company I learned to work with horses and in a new language. I was .working with new people, learning new things, and the framework, they were very nice and always helped me. It was a great stay and I am glad that I learned a lot and I had fun in Sevilla.

Clément Salvatierra

At the foundation, the tasks were more basic, I could understand easily what to do, we had to take care of the dogs in the shelter, feed them or make activities. I loved the dogs I found them very endearing. The mentor was really nice, friendly, and positive to explain things. Also, he spoke in French so it was great. The good thing was a great training supervisor and adorable dogs. I really enjoyed the city of Seville it is beautiful, and the staff of euromind is very nice as well as the driver but I would prefer more tasks to learn more new things for my future during the internship.



Project Details

Project Number: 2022-1-FR01-KA121-VET-000065992
Number of participants: 14
Country: Brens, France