Ten trainees from Czech Republic came to practise their skills in veterinary clinics in Seville! | Euromind
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About This Project

One of the most beautiful jobs is definitely a veterinarian! We are happy that we could host a group of 10 girls from the Czech Republic, from the school Střední škola zahradnická a zemědělská Antonína Emanuela Komerse.

The students came to Seville for 3 weeks where they gained new experience and knowledge at veterinary clinics. The girls had to chance to perform simple animal examinations,, assist in surgical operations or assist  in ultrasound and hygienic procedures.

During their free days, they had the opportunity to visit interesting monuments in the cities of Aracena and Gibraltar. They were enjoying the activities also after the practice just like Kayak Tour or Tapas Night!

The students definitely chose the most interesting things and places from Andalucia!


Natálie Fialová

Positive my working place are that doctors try to communicate with and show me their work and what are they doing. Our accommodation is fine. Our rooms are a little small, but we spend only one night here. So it is all right. Our internship was fine. I liked trips to Sevilla, Aracena, kayak, and Gibraltar. I have better skills in Spanish

Jitka Komárková

People here were very kind and nice to me. They explained everything. I learned new skills about horses, for example, to hitch a horse to a carriage. Negatives: Only negative thing is the very hot weather. Positives: The room was clean and the beds were comfortable. Negatives: Meals were almost the same every day. I really liked it there. The internship was full of experience and I learned the basics of Spanish. I loved trips and activities in Seville.



Project Details

Project Title: To Europe for new experiences
Project Number: 2021-1-CZ01-KA122-VET-000017473
Number of participants: 10
Country: Děčín, Czech Republic

All Projects, Veterinary
Animals, Veterinary