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About This Project

The 4 students from Czech republic from the school Střední škola zahradnická a zemědělská Antonína Emanuela Komerse decided to do an internship in the city of Sevilla and during 3 weeks they had the opportunity to work in veterinary clinics. The trainees had so much options how to improve their skills in Spanish clinics, they were performing simple animal examinations, measuring animals weight, taking the body temperature of animals and administering medication orally or topically when it is necessary. After some days they were ready to assist in surgical operations, in ultrasound and RTG analysis or vaccine administration.

The students fully enjoyed it and gained a lot of new knowledge! In the afternoon they could improve their language skills and discover the beauty of Spanish cities during their trips, in the cities of Cordoba and Granada.

The Best Czech veterinary group!


Vojtěch Maxmilán Hempel

For the past 3 weeks I experienced a lot of new things along with learning new skills which are useful, and I am glad I was able to gain them. I had the chance to see the veterinarian environment in a different country and compare it to our standards, as well as learning new technics and skills. The approach of the staff was great, they treated us as family, and we felt welcomed. We will really miss them. Another challenge was actually living here on our own terms, which actually went smoothly well and the food was OK. In the end, I can imagine spending a longer period of time here, and I really appreciate this experience.

Barbora Papírníková

On Erasmus, I got new experiences and I tried what it is like to live abroad. I improved in animal fixation, drug preparation and application, I saw a lot of surgeries. Also, I improved my English and I learned the basics of Spanish. Accommodation was fine. The food was OK. I am leaving with a lot of experiences, from work and from trips. It has been a great 3 weeks.



Project Details

Project Title: Internships of students and teachers of Libverda School.
Project Number: 2019-1-CZ01-KA102-060319
Number of participants: 4
Country: Děčín, Czech Republic

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Animals, Veterinary